April 25, 2018

Varick Planning Board February 22, 2018

Present: Hershey Sensenig, Frankie Long, Rich Olsen, Thomas Björkman, Linda Mastellar
Absent: David Kidd, one vacancy
Call to order at 7:03
Minutes approved: Moved by Long, Second by Olsen.  All in favor.
Discussed potential candidates for filling the vacancy.
David Kidd will not be able to attend for several months. We will try to accommodate the absence, but he is amenable to stepping aside if there is a good replacement. 
Public hearing on Young subdivision
Opened at 7:10
No comments. 
Closed 7:11
Surveyor Dave Hanley was present to represent the owner.
The County Planning Board recommends approval of the subdivision. 
Resolution: The Varick Planning Board provides final approval the subdivision of the Young Property, 10-4-1.11.
Moved Thomas Björkman. Second Rich Olsen. Approved 5-0.

Björkman provided a short report on the Romulus Planning Board actions in regard to the proposed trash incinerator in the Flaum area of the Depot.

We have not heard back from the county regarding our subdivision process. 

Linda recommended having our Code Enforcement Officer, Tim Dorn, attend next time. 

Adjourn 8:02 Moved: Hershey Sensenig, Second: Rich Olsen Passed 5-0. 

February 21, 2018

Varick Planning Board Minutes Jan 25, 2018

Varick Planning Board
January 25, 2018 (No meeting was held in December 2017)
Called to order 7:00pm
Present: Frankie Long, Rich Olsen, Thomas Björkman, Linda Mastellar.
Absent: Hershey Sensenig, David Kidd. One vacancy. 
A quorum is present.
Mastellar continues as chair, Björkman is appointed secretary, replacing retiring Barry Somerville.
Minutes approval for November 2017. 
Moved by Mastellar, Seconded by Long. Approved 4-0.
Carey Subdivision, Lot 10-3-10  
Varick Zoning Board of Appeals approved division into two parcels of 0.685 acres with an access easement for the upper parcel. County Planning Board recommends approval. Approved and signed by chair Mastellar.
Young Subdivision, 10-4-1.11 
Surveyor Dave Hanley representing Suzanne Young estate. Propose dividing into two lots, each 117.5 ft wide. We determined that this is a minor subdivision. Lots meet the requirements in the subdivision code. We will schedule a public hearing for February 22, 2018. County planning board can review the application at their next meeting; they will need SEQR EAF form and agricultural data statement in addition to the application and map. Property is on East Lake Rd near Kennedy, but more than 500 feet from Romulus town line. Fee was paid.
Motion: We determine that the Young subdivision is a minor subdivision and provide preliminary approval of the subdivision. Moved: Björkman, Second Mastellar, approved 4-0.
Björkman will send our subdivision procedure checklist to Harriet for her comment.
Subdivision record keeping. 
The board reviewed a new subdivision record-keeping spreadsheet that Rich Olsen developed on Google Sheets. A script makes for easy record entry. The spreadsheet allows easy search, review and updating. A vertical view page is valuable when we are working with a specific subdivision application.

Adjourn 8:55pm Moved: Mastellar, Second: Björkman 4-0

Varick Planning Board Nov 16, 2017

Varick Planning Board Minutes 11/16/17
Meeting called to order 7:03. Present – Linda, Tom, Rich, Frankie, and Barry.
Minutes from previous meeting approved - motion made by Rich, second by Tom.

We brought up topic of itemizing subdivision approvals we have made. Barry passed out approval sheet covering back to 10/27/16. Rich is working on a spreadsheet that we can log these items into as they are approved. This will make subdivision information easily accessible. 
The following steps map our process for subdivision applications.
1. Prior to or at initial meeting for application, the board must determine if a major or minor subdivision. Applicant must include EAF form and AG data statement. We receive  application and check.
            2. Copy goes to Donna with check – we may keep a copy.
            3. Review at next meeting – give our feedback, preliminary approval or decline.
4. If preliminary approval must be forwarded to Seneca County PB – application, map, SEQR form, and AG data statement. Don’t send changes that are miniscule. Must be turned in eight days before their meeting – noon on previous Wed.
5. Donna notified to advertise public hearing 5 days prior to date. We are not required to take action at the public hearing but must do so within 45 days. We must application has been recommended by county planning board and it is as follows…
            6. We must notify neighboring town if subdivision is within 500 ft of town line.
7. Board actions – conditional approval, conditional approval with modification, disapproval, final approval.
8. If approved, map is stamped, application, SEQR, amendments and maps are filed. Signed copy of map and notice of action given to owner. If person is not present acting chair will notify them.
9. Sample language for the motion must include SEQR information. If SEQR exempt – “This subdivision is exempt form SEQR approval according to NYS Code of Rules and Regulations – 6CR-NY 617.5 (c) (19).”
10. If not exempt we must complete the SEQR form supplied by applicant. The following language will be used with reasons selected from online SEQR instructions:
The Planning Board of the Town of Varick hereby determines that issuing the Special Use Permit constitutes an unlisted action that is subject to SEQR and that there is no federal or other involved agencies with respect to this action; and, that the Planning Board hereby declares itself to be the lead agency for this action and that a short EAF is sufficient to determine the significance of the action; and, that the Planning Board hereby determines that the provisions of subdivision (4) of section 305 of article 25-AA of the Agriculture and Markets Law do not apply; and, based upon its review of the Local Law, the EAF, its own independent analysis of the proposed action, and comparison with the Criteria for Determining Significance found at 6 NYCRR Part 617.7, the Planning Board hereby finds that issuing the Special Use Permit constitutes an action which will not have a significant impact on the environment and therefore does not require preparation of a Draft Environmental Impact Statement; and, that this Determination of Significance shall be considered a Negative Declaration made pursuant to Article 8 of the Environmental Conservation Law; and, that this determination is based on the following facts and conclusions:
Motion made by Linda seconded by Tom that we not hold a meeting in December, all agreed.

Linda received extensive email from person concerned about summer rentals on the lake based on discussion at combined meeting of Fayette TB and PB. Will forward to our board members.

Linda needs to contact Donna about where to file PB information, documents, etc. Basically, we need a file cabinet.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30, motion made by Barry, seconded by Rich.

Respectfully submitted,

Barry Somerville, secretary

November 16, 2017

PB Minutes 10/26/2017

Varick Planning Board

October 26, 2017

Present: Linda Mastellar, Rich Olsen, David Kidd, Thomas Björkman (substitute secretary)
Absent: Frankie Long, Barry Somerville, Hershey Sensenig
1.     Minutes of October 4, 2017 Approval moved by Linda Mastellar, Second by David Kidd,  Passed4-0

2.     Carey subdivision at 680 Deal Rd.
Applied to divide a lot to two of 0.5 acres (145 ft on East Lake Rd) and 0.87 acres with 55 ft of frontage on East Lake Rd and >300 ft on Deal Rd. The 100’ minimum frontage requirement on Eastlake Rd and the 0.7-acre minimum is not met on the first lot and the100’ minimum frontage requirement on East Lake Rd. is not met on the second lot. Alternatives were suggested that are compliant.
Motion to deny application as proposed. Moved by Thomas Björkman, Seconded by Linda Mastellar Passed: 4-0.

3.     Proposal for a land transfer on Driftwood Lane from Cool to Sessler.
Discussed these parcels with Michael Karlsen.
Motion: We approve a transfer of two parcels to adjacent lots. These parcels are on the map “Plan of land to be conveyed by Gregory J. Cool”, Job No. 17-510-A by Michael D. Karlsen dated August 7, 2017. We approve the separation of Parcel 1 (0.065 ac) from Tax map#01-3-16.1 to be consolidated with lot 01-3-16.2, and separation of Parcel 2 (0.207 ac) from 01-3-16.1 to be consolidated with lot 01-3-14. If either parcel is not merged as specified, they must be returned to 01-3-16.1. The end result is that no new tax parcels are created.
Moved by Thomas Björkman, Seconded by Rich Olsen Passed: 4-0

Adjourned 8:55 pm.

November 14, 2017

PB Minutes 10/5/17

Varick Planning Board
October 5, 2017
Called to order 7:03 pm
Present: Rich Olsen, Frankie Long, Linda Mastellar, Thomas Björkman, David Kidd, Hershey Sensenig.
August Minutes approved. David Kidd moved, Frankie second, all in favor.
Sarah Haws presented subdivision proposal. For subdividing approx. 1 acre from approx. 50 acres in Parcel 12-1-45.1 at Kings Corners Rd.
Public Hearing opened at 7:15. Nobody was present to comment. Closed at 7:15. 
The board found that all requirements were met, and the proposal had been reviewed and approved by the Seneca County Planning Board with no conditions.
Approval subdivision of Parcel 12-1-45.1 as proposed.
This subdivision is exempt from SEQR approval according to NYS Code of Rules and Regulations – 6CR-NY 617.5 (c) (19).
Moved by Thomas Björkman; Seconded by Rich Olsen. Passed 6-0.
Haws will bring additional copies for filing.
Craig Sessler provided a revised proposal for new subdivision of 1-3-16.1 on map of August 17, 2017. Proposal creates two nonconforming lots and cannot be approved. Recommendation is to join them with two adjacent parcels so that new lots are closer to conforming that the existing ones.
A correspondent raised issues generated by short-term rentals on lakeshore.  The principal issues were noise and parking, which are more disruptive with short-term renters than steady neighbors. The discussion identified excessive noise and parking on the street as the direct issues. There was interest in having ordinances that deal with those issues specifically, rather than having them incidental to rentals. Those may not be zoning issues, but must be separate ordinances that would then be enforced by the Seneca County Sheriff. That would be more efficient for dealing quickly with these issues that require it. It is more likely to be a problem on the lakeshore, but could apply anywhere in the Town. Thus the rules should apply town-wide. See if Harriet Hayne has suggestions. Also ask her whether other towns are developing short-term rental zoning. Linda Mastellar will ask the town board to act on these.
Reviewed subdivision application. A good draft was provided by Rich based on previous discussion, and compared with checklist used by the Town of Conesus.
Motion: Adopt the Subdivision Application form and put it on the web immediately.
Moved by Linda Mastellar Seconded Hershey Sensenig. Approved 6-0.

Linda Mastellar will investigate how the Town organizes filed subdivision maps.
Adjournment: Moved by Hershey Sensenig, Seconded by Linda Mastellar, Approved 6-0.
Adjourned 9:02 pm.

October 07, 2017

PB minutes 8/31/17

PB minutes 8/31/17
Call to order at 7 pm – all present

Previous meeting minutes – motion – Hershey, second - Dave, accepted by all.

Tim Haws presented subdivision map from Sonia Werth property which he purchased. He wants to subdivide house and .83 acres with 232’ of road frontage on Kings Corners Rd. We informed him about sending letter of intent so we can forward to county PB, schedule public hearing and give approval. No  problems except for a fence that is over the property line.

Question on how to follow up on unresolved subdivision issues, i. e. McNeely. Want to make sure nothing illegal is being done without our knowledge or action.

We reviewed minor subdivision application for Ithaca, NY. We completed work on adapting it to make an application for the Town of Varick application. Rich will clean it up for approval at next meeting.

Discussed issue of buying non-conforming property or lot and new owner not able to build on it. We do not have any solutions currently.

Dave made motion to adjourn, second by Hershey at 8:42.

Next meeting 10/5/17.

Respectfully submitted,

Barry Somerville, secretary