June 20, 2015

Special Meeting 5/11/15

Special PB Meeting – 5/11/15

Meeting called to order at 7:05. All members present except for Dave K.

Previous meeting minutes were approved – motion made by Tom, second by Rich.

The purpose of our meeting was to review progress on zoning and subdivision code with Barbara Johnston. Minor changes or additions were discussed and incorporated into proposed code as follows:
                Art. III, Section 8 of Subdivision Code – Section 281 changed to 278 and language changes in A, Request By Subdivider or Requirement by Planning Board.
                Cluster Subdivision – 313C changed “underlying” to “applicable.”
                We need to add definition of “Cluster Subdivision” to Zoning and Subdivision Codes.
                It was also suggested that we need to add a definition for “trash” in the Zoning Code.
                Art. IV, Sect. 8 (being added to Subdivision Code) F. 1. Removed “common” from open space and moved pedestrian access to H. 2.
Barb will finalize all additions to the Zoning Code as well as update depot changes, site plan review, etc. Rich will finalize changes to Subdivision Code including addition of Cluster Subdivision as section 8 of Art. IV.
Updated docs will be provided to planning board members in word format by May 21.  They will have new titles for clear identification.    
Linda noted the following responsibilities of the people named:
·         Linda will send a note to Donna re: time on the agenda on June 2, expected public hearing, etc.  
·         Thomas will convert docs to PDF for town board after approval from the planning board on 5/28. 
·         Barbara will draft resolutions for the town board.   
·         Town clerk will make hard copy of the finalized documents for the public, as needed.  Thomas will post on the website.
·         Linda will ask Donna to contact primary stakeholders other than the community members (Seneca White Deer, FLTG, Seneca Lake Pure Waters, Finger Lakes Railway, Hillside) to make them aware of the public hearing.   
·         Linda will confirm with Donna that she will do all legal notice actions for the public hearing. 
Expectations of public hearing:
·         Barbara will give overview of the changes and additions. 
·         Planning board will answer questions, as needed.
·          Don’t expect the town board to adopt changes that night. 
·         Public hearing can be closed at the end of the meeting.  
·         After the public hearing, any changes, and adoption of the new code, we will work on the small revisions that are required on an ongoing basis.  

Timeline for approval:
·         Final review at next PB meeting May 28.
·         Presentation to Town Board June 2.
·         Posting of Public Hearing within required time frame.
·         Filing with County Planning Board within required time frame.
·         Tentative Public Hearing at TB meeting on July 7.

Motion to adjourn made by Bill second by Hershey, approved at 8:53.
Respectfully submitted,
Barry Somerville, secretary

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