February 27, 2016

PB minutes 1/28/16

Draft Copy PB Meeting 1/28/16

Meeting called to order at 7:05. All members present.

Minutes to the 12/17/15 meeting were reviewed and approved, motion made by Dave, second by Bill. An addition was made to the minutes to include the language suggested by Tom concerning temporary docks.

The Town Board announced a public hearing to adopt the Subdivision Code that we submitted with the depot Zoning Code instead of calling for a moratorium per our last meeting. The hearing will be held on Feb. 2. Tom is going to try to attend. Linda suggested that we each take turns attending TB meetings to maintain communication on necessary issues. Rich proposed that the PB should review the subdivision code if approved by TB to make sure it agrees with our original submission.

Larry C’s term as Code Enforcement Officer expired. Ricky McCullogh is taking his place. Linda is going to invite him to attend our next meeting.

Bill asked if our letter to the TB requesting a letter to be sent to the county concerning PB approval of all subdivision applications was delivered. Linda is going to inquire of Donna Karlsen.

There was a brief discussion concerning a proposal of Seneca County to take over the depot area. Nobody knows how much progress is being made on bids submitted for the area.

We decided to create a new Google document to keep track of progress we are making on current issues – docks, solar panels, and wind energy. We will add changes or additions each month to document our progress.

We returned to our work on the issue of temporary docks. We discussed how to grandfather in current docks of this nature. We need to have some kind of permit or document that identifies such docks. Both the owner and the town should retain a copy of such documents.
We also considered redefining “temporary” and decided to clarify this with “removable or seasonal.” So far our language is: “A temporary dock (removable or seasonal) only requires a permit initially and may be reinstalled annually as long as it remains within the confines of its original location and/or zoning setbacks, and providing its structure remains unchanged. If the lot is too narrow for a dock to meet the side setbacks, the ZBA may consider granting a variance for a temporary dock and hoist with smaller dimensions installed in a way that does not impinge on the neighboring lots and contribute to congestion. This provision shall not be used to justify allowing more docks on larger lots.”
Motion to adjourn was made by Hershey, second by Dave at 8:45.
Respectfully submitted,
Barry Somerville, secretary

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