August 06, 2016

PB Minutes 5/26/16

Approved Copy PB Minutes 5/26/16

Meeting called to order at 7:02 pm. Members present: Linda, Bill, Rich, Dave, Barry, and Tom.

Previous minutes were read and approved – motion made by Rich, second by Dave.

Frankie Long came to the meeting to get information about adding a 100’ strip of property to her and her husband’s property on East Lake Rd. We informed her that if she is just extending her property line by this purchase it will not be a subdivision. However, if the lot is bought separately the sale will have to go through minor subdivision approval. In that case she would be able to sell the new lot at some point in the future.

Jim Somerville and Scott Ditzell returned to inform us that they have not been able to get Bruce Maybury to sell the needed 70’ strip to conform to current subdivision code. At this point the board views the current subdivision as illegal and the property sale cannot proceed. Linda is going to contact the town lawyer to double check our interpretation of the code. She will also seek any other possible resolutions the lawyer may offer. Jim and Scott are going to contact Bruce again. We also suggested they check with the lawyer that Jim and Bruce used for the original sale of the property to see if he can do anything to resolve the situation. The original sale was not a legal subdivision according to current code.

Katherine Potter contacted the PB prior to our meeting with information about increasing the business possibilities of Yale Manor. She proposes building four 30’ diameter yurts on the property for Glamour Camping. She wanted our advice as to how she should proceed so that everything will be properly approved and she can proceed with the purchase. She had concerns about electrical wires, septic, setbacks, etc. We informed her that she needs to contact the ZBA about a variance for setbacks, Seneca County PB for building permits, NYSEG, and the necessity of a special use permit. A site plan review will be necessary as well. She was appreciative of our advice and seems very hopeful to move ahead with her plans.

We briefly discussed Tom’s draft letter to the TB and various parties that need to be informed of the need to go through proper procedures for subdivision approval. He is addressing banks, lawyers, realtors, county officials, etc. with introductions that will draw their attention. He is very near completion.

Bill brought up a concern that should be added to our future topics of discussion of zoning issues. Sometimes summer rental properties can become problematic in areas such as noise, parking, traffic, and other disturbances. Should we consider zoning that may manage or help control such situations?

Meeting adjourned at 9:05 pm – motion made by Bill, seconded by Dave. Next meeting will be 6/23/16.

Respectfully submitted,

Barry Somerville, secretary

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