November 16, 2017

PB Minutes 10/26/2017

Varick Planning Board

October 26, 2017

Present: Linda Mastellar, Rich Olsen, David Kidd, Thomas Björkman (substitute secretary)
Absent: Frankie Long, Barry Somerville, Hershey Sensenig
1.     Minutes of October 4, 2017 Approval moved by Linda Mastellar, Second by David Kidd,  Passed4-0

2.     Carey subdivision at 680 Deal Rd.
Applied to divide a lot to two of 0.5 acres (145 ft on East Lake Rd) and 0.87 acres with 55 ft of frontage on East Lake Rd and >300 ft on Deal Rd. The 100’ minimum frontage requirement on Eastlake Rd and the 0.7-acre minimum is not met on the first lot and the100’ minimum frontage requirement on East Lake Rd. is not met on the second lot. Alternatives were suggested that are compliant.
Motion to deny application as proposed. Moved by Thomas Björkman, Seconded by Linda Mastellar Passed: 4-0.

3.     Proposal for a land transfer on Driftwood Lane from Cool to Sessler.
Discussed these parcels with Michael Karlsen.
Motion: We approve a transfer of two parcels to adjacent lots. These parcels are on the map “Plan of land to be conveyed by Gregory J. Cool”, Job No. 17-510-A by Michael D. Karlsen dated August 7, 2017. We approve the separation of Parcel 1 (0.065 ac) from Tax map#01-3-16.1 to be consolidated with lot 01-3-16.2, and separation of Parcel 2 (0.207 ac) from 01-3-16.1 to be consolidated with lot 01-3-14. If either parcel is not merged as specified, they must be returned to 01-3-16.1. The end result is that no new tax parcels are created.
Moved by Thomas Björkman, Seconded by Rich Olsen Passed: 4-0

Adjourned 8:55 pm.

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