August 24, 2018

Varick Planning Board July 26, 2018 minutes

Varick Planning Board
July 26, 2018
Called to order at 7:01
Present:  Linda Mastellar (Chair), Rich Olsen, Frankie Long, Hershey Sensenig, Thomas Björkman (secretary).
Absent: David Kidd (excused)
Minutes of June 28 approved.  Moved by Mastellar, Second by Olsen. All in favor.

Somerville subdivision. Divide Lot 06-1-40 consisting of 7 acres on Yale Farm Road into 7 ~1 acre lots of 205 x 220 feet. The number of lots makes it a major subdivision.
Resolved that the Planning board determines that this is major subdivision. Accepted application and preliminary plat, including Environmental Assessment form and Agricultural Data Statement. The scale requirement is waived for the preliminary plat, because scale is appropriate for our purpose.  Moved by Björkman, Second by Sensenig. All in favor.
We will schedule a public hearing through Donna Karlsen. Somerville will provide surveyors plat to county and the contact information for the neighbors.

Allen subdivision. We sent the application to the County Planning Board, and they will . They recommended approval contingent on not creating an additional tax parcel. We need a public hearing. They want to have it before our next meeting so they can close on the sale. We will try for Aug 9thif Hershey is available. 

Filling board vacancy.Bill Yale was appointed by the town board at their last meeting. He will be sworn in by the town clerk. 
Code revision. The county Planning Board recommends approval with one modification. That is to modify the definition of Marketable Recyclable Material to explicitly exclude municipal waste due to the heightened concerns throughout the county and region regarding solid waste disposal. 
The public hearing has been delayed because the town attorney wanted to notify some more agencies and do some steps himself. It is now scheduled for September 4. 
Adjourn.Moved by Long, Second by Sensenig, All in favor.  Adjourned at 8:07.

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