October 24, 2018

Varick Planning Board August 23, 2018 minutes

Varick Planning Board
August 23, 2018
Present: Linda Mastellar, Hershey Sensenig, Frankie Long, Rich Olsen, Bill Yale, Thomas Björkman
Absent: David Kidd
Visitors: Barry Somerville, Michelle Hermann
Called to order at 7:08 pm
Approved minutes of July 26, 2018. Moved by Olsen, Second by Long. All in favor
Approved minutes of Aug. 9, 2018. Moved by Olsen, Second by Sensenig. All in favor
New member. We welcomed Bill Yale to the Planning Board. 
Somerville subdivision. County Planning office asked us to add information to the preliminary plat for the subdivision application. Mr. Somerville will address each of the items in Article V, Section 3 of the Varick Subdivision code. We had discussed each of them at the last meeting, but need documentation.
The preliminary plat application also needs approval by the Seneca County Health Department. Mr. Somerville reports that he has contacted them to do the relevant water and percolation tests. They are currently dealing with the flooding damage in the southern part of the county.
The county will want a survey map and engineering drawings with the Plat.  (Article V, Section 4.)
Stolzfus subdivision.We took an initial look at initial Gideon Stolzfus application that was received today. We need to determine whether a new tax lot will be created. Mastellar will discuss that question with applicant, and obtain an Agricultural Data Statement and Environmental Assessment Form. Once she has those, she will send them to the county planning department for review. 
Code revision.The public hearing for zoning code revision will be held at the beginning of the September 4 Town Board meeting (7:00 pm).
Adjourn.Moved by Sensenig, Second by Björkman. All in Favor. Adjourned 8:30 pm

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