February 02, 2020

Varick Planning Board, August 22, 2019

Varick Planning Board
August 22, 2019 
Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. 
Present: Linda Mastellar (chair), Hershey Sensenig, Rich Olsen, Frankie Long Absent: Thomas Björkman (Secretary), Michelle Hermann, one vacancy 
Visitors: Mr. Seth Brandow, J. Peter Gregoire 

Brandow subdivision: Reviewed a survey map to subdivide the property on 784 Yale Farm Road, Tax map lot 06-1-42. The board accepted the sketch plan for a lot line move of lot 06-1-42. The proposal is to turn the lot, currently 9.92 acres into three lots, Parcel A, 1 acres; Parcel B 4 acres Parcel C 5 acres. That change will be compliant after the following lot mergers , and is viewed favorably by the board. Parcel A will stand alone. Parcel B will be merged with lot 06-1-06.5. Parcel C will be merged with lot 06-1-06.4. The applicant provided the town subdivision application and application fee. 

The board received the short Environmental Assessment Form and declared itself the lead agency for State Environmental Quality Review. Upon review of the EAF, the board found no impact because the action will lead to no change in land use, nor creates a condition that would encourage one. The board makes a negative declaration of environmental impact. 

The board reviewed an application submitted by the Brandows who supplied an agricultural data statement. The board finds that there will be no impact on adjoining agricultural uses because the land use will not change.

The documents were complete so we can proceed.

We classified it as a lot line move, which brings the affected lots into compliance with Varick's existing codes.

forward the application to the county and schedule a public hearing for September 26, 2019.

Moved by Matellar, Seconded by Long, 4-0.

Sommerville subdivision:
We received the sewer and water plan that was approved by the Seneca County Health Department.  These documents fulfill the outstanding requirements for the subdivision.  Linda review and sign the survey maps when she receives them if they are unchanged from those presented to the board.

Hershey indicated that Earl Martin would like to consider putting a galvanizing facility in Varick instead of Romulus.  Hershey indicated that Earl said that the DEC has already approved it. We said that he would be welcome to attend a future meeting to discuss the issue.

Gregoire subdivision: The county recommended that the request be approved. We reviewed the map that was submitted last meeting and was submitted to the county.  We were unable to fit the Town Of Varick approval stamp and asked that new drawings be submitted for signature.  It was moved by Richard and seconded by Frankie to grant final approval of the subdivision and have Linda review and sign the reformatted drawings. 

Klein subdivision: Preliminary application from Sandra & Richard Klein of 363 Bonnie Brae Ave for the Lot Line move on Lot 15-1-36, 5553 State Route 89 with Lot 15-1-37.   We reviewed it and the tax map application and found that it would probably be an acceptable change.

Adjourn. Moved by Long,  second by Sensenig Approved 4-0. Adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

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