July 24, 2020

Varick Planning Board February 27, 2020

Varick Planning Board

February 27, 2020

Minutes taken by Linda Mastellar, transcribed by Thomas Björkman

Present: Linda Mastellar (chair), Frankie Long, Michele Hermann, Hershey Sensenig. Absent: Rich Olsen, Thomas Björkman (Secretary), one vacancy.


Parella subdivision

We accepted the preliminary plat in January. The action is a lot-line move on two properties on East Lake Rd. This is a proposal to enlarge parcel 10-3-2A (5487 East Lake Rd.) by taking about 9.4 acres from 10-3-25.111.

Opened public hearing

No comments

Closed public hearing Moved by Hermann, second by Sensenig. All in Favor

Motion to approve subdivision.

The Varick planning board issues Final Approval of the Parella subdivision. This action transfers 9.4 acres of Lot 10-3-25.111 to Lot 10-3-2A.

The applicant supplied an Agricultural data statement. The board finds that there will be no impact on adjoining agricultural uses because the land use will remain the same and contains no agricultural use. 

The board received the Short Environmental Assessment Form and declared itself the lead agency for State Environmental Quality Review. Upon review of the EAF, the board found no impact because the action will lead to no change in land use, nor create a condition that would encourage one. The board makes a negative declaration of environmental impact.

The application was reviewed by the county planning board, which recommended approval.

Moved by Sensenig, seconded by Long

Passed with 5-0

Dog ordinance.


Noise ordinance. Dave McMillan (State Trooper) says that calling 911 will result in sending someone.

Undersheriff says that the ordinance needs to be enforceable. Waterloo has an enforceable noise ordinance. It would be valuable to have a consistent rule with Fayette and Romulus.

Vacation rental. Ask owners to post a chart of the regulations. Annie Bachman provided a sample. Any vacation-rental regulations need the intent clearly stated.

Close the meeting. Moved by Hermann, second by Long.

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