January 29, 2008

Draft Minutes to January 24, 2008 Meeting

Town of Varick Planning Board Meeting Minutes

Date of meeting: January 24, 2008

Meeting called to order: 7:00pm

Attendees: Thomas Bjorkman (Chairman ),Bob Kayser, Bill Larzelere, Frankie Long, Larry Peterson, Kevin Swartley
Absent: None ( Annie Bachman is now on Zoning Board of Appeals)

The December meeting minutes were not available for approval so approval was tabled until the next meeting.

DEC SEQR lead agency

  • Chairman Bjorkman read a letter he had received from the DEC stating its’ intent to take the Lead Agency role in the SEQR review for the proposed Sessler Development project for the Depot.
  • Restated was the fact that Sessler had put the application “on hold” for 90 days and that no action would be taken regarding SEQR until the complete and revised project was resubmitted.
  • Kevin Swartley stated that a meeting with the DEC, Seneca County, and our Board would be wise and suggested either inviting them to our next meeting or calling a special meeting to talk about the SEQR process as related to the Sessler Project. After Board discussion, it was decided to invite them to a special meeting on February 21st in the county building. Thomas Bjorkman will make the contacts and try to arrange.

    Zoning Code Revision Changes
  • Chairman Bjorkman passed out copies of the new Zoning Code Revision and noted that sections and some language had been lined out after discussion with our Town Board. This language was the parts of the code that the Town Board had questions about and objected to at the time it was presented to them for adoption. The Planning Board had agreed to revisit this language and clarify or change.
  • Chairman Bjorkman’s suggestion was that we develop and define the “intent” of the language recognizing that it was included to reflect the results of the Comprehensive Plan public surveys. Then we would work with the Town Board to develop wording that addressed the concerns.
  • Section 309.2 “A” Unregistered Vehicles: discussion of the intent was about the need to control the unsightly accumulation of unregistered vehicles and/or junk cars on properties. Our existing code has a Junk Car ordinance.
  • Section 501.2 – Non-conforming uses in Lakeshore Zone- discussion of the intent was to make sure an acceptable operation of a grandfathered business was not turned into and unacceptable operation when the business changed ownership. This could happen by increasing the footprint of the business “sprawl”, unacceptable increase in traffic based on the road conditions and/or residential character, etc. Renovation and improvement of the non-conforming business would be encouraged.
  • Section 309.2 “B”- Unused Farm Equipment- discussion of intent was to control equipment “junkyards” rather than a few pieces of unused equipment in a persons hedgerow.
  • Section 309.4 “D” and 309.5 “E” Parking of tractor trailor trucks in Lakeshore and Hamlet Zones- discussion of intent was to provide for a quiet neighborhood without restricting a persons ability to make a living. It was noted that the existing language does not exclude them, but allows for a Special Permitting process for them to park in these zones. The permit and process needs to be defined and a time limit for the permit included in the definition. Part of the process may include acceptance by the neighbors.

Section 310.3 One bay firehouse in Lakeshore Zone.- Discussion of the intent was for safety of public when operation of the trucks on a road that was not designed for large trucks traveling at higher speeds. It was recognized that a firehouse nearby is an asset to an area. If a firehouse needs to be built, all siting options should be investigated considering all the publics safety.

Plans for 2008

Chairman Bjorkman presented a few ideas for discussion for 2008

· Noise Ordinance

· Discussion with IDA about businesses that would enhance the community and developing a closer working relationship.

· Encourage Broadband Internet access in the Town

· Bob Kayser- Wind Generator ordinance that would address safety concerns without being overly restrictive.

Planning Board Reorganization

  • Chairman Bjorkman noted changes to the makeup of the Board.

    Annie Bachman will now be on the Zoning Board of Appeals
    Larry Peterson will leave the Board as his term expired and does not wish to continue.
    Kevin Swartley submitted his name to be reinstated for another term
    Thomas Bjorkman wishes to “pass the gavel” of Chairman but remain on the board.
    Two new positions will be open for appointment replacing Larry and Annie.
  • Chairman Bjorkman moved to thank Larry Peterson for many years of service and a job well done- Bob Kayser seconded- Motion passed unanimously with gratitude from all.
  • Chairman Bjorkman moved to appoint Bob Kayser the new Chairman. Frankie Long seconded- Discussion followed including possibly waiting for the new Board members to be appointed. Vote- passed unanimously - The gavel was passed to Bob for the rest of the meeting and beyond.

    Next Meeting:

    Thomas will try to arrange a February 21st meeting with the DEC, Seneca County, and our Planning Board concerning the SEQR Lead Agency role for the Sessler proposal.

    Our next regular meeting will be February 28th at 7:00pm in the Varick Firehall.

    Meeting adjourned at 8:45pm.

    Minutes respectfully submitted,
    Bill Larzelere- Secretary

January 06, 2008

Date of meeting: December 27, 2007

Meeting called to order: 7:00pm

Attendees: Bob Kayser (acting chairman), Annie Bachman, Bill Larzelere, Frankie Long, Larry Peterson, Kevin Swartley
Absent: Thomas Bjorkman (Chairman)

o Guests at meeting: Four members of the public

Acting Chairman Bob Kayser called the meeting to order at 7:00pm describing the meeting as a “special” meeting to discuss 1 agenda item. The Town of Varick Planning Boards possible acceptance of Lead Agency status in the SEQR process for the proposed “Sessler Depot Development Project”. He stated there would be no discussion of the merits or lack thereof for the project itself.

  • Seneca County has deemed the project requires a type 1 SEQR evaluation.
  • Because of the project submittal date, January 10th 2008, is the final date for a Lead Agency to be declared for the SEQR process.
  • The two “involved” agencies have been identified as the Seneca County IDA and the Town of Varick Planning Board. The Planning Board is “involved” because of the recently passed Zoning Code amendments that require a Special Use Permit for the Conservation and Green Energy Zone on the former Seneca Army Depot that Sessler Co. proposes to use for their project.
Discussion followed about the reasons for or against being the Lead Agency and the workload involved.
  • Bob Kayser said that if our Board is the Lead Agency, we will be able to hire experts to clarify any issues or perform studies required to be able to properly evaluate the project. The costs for the experts would be borne by the project applicant. There are limits to these costs which will be determined.
  • Carol Richardson (guest) stated that she was at the County Supervisors Committee meeting chaired by Dave Kaiser and they did not act on Sessler’s request for a 90 day extension of the project evaluation phase to allow time for public input at several proposed meetings to resolve many publicized objections to the project.
  • Bob Kayser said that our Planning Board SEQR evaluation would begin when the final project was presented to us with any changes after any proposed extension period.
  • Kevin Swartley stated that our Board members should not actively participate in any of the public meetings because of a conflict of interest and the need for us to be objective in the SEQR evaluation. All agreed.
  • Bill Larzelere stated that in his opinion, the public input meetings and extension period was a good idea and would probably make the Boards SEQR evaluation job easier because the plan would come to the Board in a more complete and widely accepted form.
  • Annie Bachman informed the Board that she will be leaving the board because of time constraints with business and family. She may continue community service on the Zoning Board of Appeals. She stated her Planning experience will be an asset to this job and she will be able to schedule the fewer meetings. All agreed she will be missed and thanked her for her service.
  • Frankie Long made a motion that the Town of Varick Planning Board accept the Lead Agency role in the SEQR evaluation for the upcoming Sessler Depot Development Project. Bill Larzelere seconded the motion. Motion passed with 5 in the affirmative and 1 abstention.

Motion to close meeting from Larry Peterson,
Seconded Frankie Long

Motion passed and meeting was closed at 7:40pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted,
Bill Larzelere- Secretary