December 19, 2013

PB minutes 11/21/13

Draft Copy PB Minutes 11/21/13

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm, all members present.
Previous meeting minutes approved – motion made by Dave, second by Tom.

Old business – Todd updated us about last meeting for depot rezoning. He forwarded to PB an email from Barbara Johnston containing aerial view photos, a revised map of proposed zoning districts, and a list of proposed zoning districts and outline of proposed uses. Barbara also included her next steps for the project.

Tom suggested contacting Derek Simmonds (economic developer with Seneca county, 539-9251, to give us a land use perspective.

A question was raised concerning the maps of the area in Steve Absalom’s office. The town might like to claim ownership. What would be the procedure for acquiring them?

We then returned to work on PUD language for our zoning code. We discussed adding a sentence concerning how a PUD will contribute to the aesthetic profile of the community. We want to be sure that such developments enhance the appearance of the area. This will be included as item 8 under section 311.18 part E.

A question was also raised about height restrictions. This is likely covered under the current code.

We returned to section 404.2 and worked on Special Use Permit language. We are forwarding to Harriet some questions about the possibility of the PB having sole authority to handle area variances with the special use permit for PUD’s.

 The requirement in this section for a public hearing within 30 days of receiving a special permit was discussed. This led to a consideration of having a pre-application meeting to help applicants be sure they have all necessary information to submit a special use application that will not be rejected. It seems we should devise a step by step procedure that will be mandatory for special use applications. We will ask Harriet for information on what these steps should be as well as check other town codes. Bill read part of the procedure used by the town of Windsor.

We worked on language for section 311.18, D. Elements of Approval, part 3. We discussed the approval process for PUD’s that contain phases of development; the possibility of deadlines and transferability. We agreed that such plans be approved for a five year period. If significant progress is being made the permit will be extended for another five years. We also discussed what should happen if the original contractor is unable to complete the plan – can the permit be transferred to a new contractor. We agreed this was allowable because it is the plan being approved rather than the contractor. However, it will be necessary to review paperwork and be sure that the original special use be complied with. Any significant changes would require a new special use permit.

We left off working on this section. We also agreed to reconsider terminology in section E, number 8 that we added in the meeting.

Next meeting will be Dec. 19. Adjournment moved by Hershey, seconded by Linda.

Respectfully submitted,
Barry Somerville, secretary

PB minutes 10/24/13

Draft Copy PB Minutes 10/24/13

Meeting called to order at 7:02 pm. Members present were Todd, Tom, Hershey, Dave, and Barry.

A motion was made to accept the previous meeting minutes by Tom, seconded by Hershey and approved.

Tom and Todd gave us an update on their meeting with Barbara Johnston about the depot zoning. A zoning map of both towns (Romulus and Varick) was reviewed as well as the current zoning for both towns. Another meeting is scheduled for November.

Harriet Haynes from the Seneca County Planning Board met with us for the rest of the evening. Todd had some questions related to the relationship between the town and county planning boards. Harriet supplied us with much helpful information via handout sheets. The first of these pertained to Town Policy and Procedures regarding Planning and Zoning Applications. She also provided copies of General Municipal Law section 239 L, M, and N. This is in regard to interrelationships of town and county zoning actions. Associated with this handout is the Memorandum of Understanding which listed a number of areas that are not of concern to the county.

A site plan review and special use permit procedure sheet was provided that looks to be very useful. We also received two handouts concerning findings and decisions which are necessary to show the reasons why a determination is made. Such findings are evidence which connects legal requirements to the facts of a case or situation.

Some items concerning zoning were also discussed such as how the boundary between the towns will be handled, the deer herd population, and town controls in regard to Finger Lakes Railroad within the depot boundaries.

Todd questioned Harriet as to when it was necessary for the planning board to contact or interact with the county planning board. Harriet said her job is to provide technical assistance as desired by the local boards and that she is only a phone call away.

We also discussed responsibility for SEQRA requirements when applying for special uses. Part 1 is to be filled out by the applicant and requires county involvement. Type 2 is the responsibility of the leading agency involved. The applicant may fill it out, but if the planning board is the leading agency it is wise to review it because they are ultimately held accountable.

We asked about the county’s place in the PUD process. Once the PB writes the code it must be adopted by the TB and then passed on to the County Planning Board.

The information that was provided will be very helpful to our board. Members are supposed to review each handout and keep for future reference.

Tom moved to close the meeting, Dave seconded, passed. We adjourned at 8:50 pm. Next meeting will be Nov. 21.

Respectfully submitted,
Barry Somerville, secretary

Approved PB minutes 9/26/13

PB Minutes 9/26/13
Members present: Todd H, Tom B, Linda M, Hershey S, and Barry S.
Meeting opened at 7:05 pm. A motion was made to accept previous meeting minutes by Hershey S, second by Linda M, approved.
All were happy to have internet access; however, due to poor reception we had to move back into the kitchen area to complete our meeting.
Work proceeded on language for PUD’s to add to our current code. Section 311.18 – changed language in section D. 2 – Elements of Approval, from 15 acres to 10. We also determined that density considerations should be added to this section as well as traffic language.
We worked extensively on section E and considered changing it to Standards for PUD’s section. Seven items were added to this. We also added density considerations, setbacks, lot dimensions, multi-family dwellings, water and sewer requirements as areas to be discussed and added to this or other sections.
We also changed some language in section 404.2 Procedures for Special Use Permit in the main paragraph and items 1) and 2).
Next PB meeting is 10/24/13.
Motion to adjourn submitted by Barry S, second by Linda M – adjourned 9:02 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Barry Somerville, secretary