March 25, 2011

PB Meeting 3/24/11

Planning Board Minutes, March 24, 2011
Members present: Bill Squires, Linda Mastellar, Todd Horton, Phil Knapp, Barry Somerville.
Meeting called to order by Bill S at 7:10 pm.
First item of business – proposed project by Greg McNeely at 5358 E Lake Rd. Current code does not specifically define a Planned Unit Development. However, the proposed project does fall under the definition of multi-family dwelling in Section 107 (definitions). After looking at the land plats and discussing the proposal the PB retained its conclusion from our previous meeting that this project cannot be approved. The above definition excludes such a plan in this district.
The following motion was made by Todd Horton and seconded by Linda Mastellar: The PB chair will write Mr. McNeely addressing the zoning code exclusion (Section 107, Definitions - dwellings, multi-family) of developing the property at 5358 E. Lake Rd. and adjacent military lot 55. Said letter will be reviewed and agreed upon by PB members. The motion was passed.
The PB also is concerned that such developments increase density in this district that is unwanted by the public. It was suggested that Mr. McNeely look into the town subdivision code for alternate plans.
The second item of business involved the approval of the Zoning Compliance Permit Application. All members have agreed on the current format and are open to changes once it is put into effect. Guidelines for fees were again discussed. The purpose of such fees is to help offset the costs of the Zoning Officer without being punitive in nature.
It was determined that Bill S. will contact the Town Board and put this item on the agenda for the next TB meeting. Todd H. will check fees proposed by other towns (Fayette, Romulus, Waterloo, Ovid) and contact other PB members so we can suggest a fee schedule for the TB meeting. Our aim is to have the TB vote on these at the next meeting. This will complete our work on the application form. If necessary we will hold a brief meeting in April to finalize the issue.
The necessity to determine what to do about Planned Unit Developments was then discussed. It is mentioned as an item in the zoning code but not defined. We need to address the issue and either delete it or define it. Either way, it will call for a public hearing. We will discuss this at next meeting.
The need to review the whole code for other undefined issues was brought up. It would be good if we could deal with all items at one hearing rather than do so piecemeal.
Todd Horton asked if any more action or discussion has occurred concerning private school compliance to the zoning code. This was a question raised some time ago by David Kidd. Since other issues have been more pressing we have not discussed this. However, it is something that needs to be taken up at a future date.
Motion to adjourn was made by Linda M. and seconded by Phil K. Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.
Sincerely submitted,
Barry Somerville