September 23, 2016

PB minutes 7/28/16

Draft Copy PB minutes 7/28/16
Meeting called to order at 7:05. All members present.

Previous minutes were reviewed and approved – motion made by Hershey, second by Rich.

Rich volunteered to attend Town Board meeting next Tuesday.

Linda informed us of a request made by the TB to formulate code concerning vacation rentals. Concerns about noise, lighting, parking, trespassing, and trash should be addressed. Bill is going to check the Geneva zoning code on this issue.

We need to work on subdivision code as it relates to the selling of farmland, especially in situations where a 100’ road frontage for access to farmland poses a problem.

Linda gave us a brief update on the subdivision proposal by Sonja Wirth. Right now, what she has proposed as a right of way for access to acreage behind her house does not conform to code.

We all received a copy of the letter Tom composed to make necessary parties aware of the need to properly observe and promote subdivision code in our town. We spent some time reviewing and rewriting portions of the letter. Addressees include the Seneca County Clerk, local attorneys, surveyors, realtors, bank mortgage departments, and title companies.

The following notes of Planning Board meeting (July 28, 2016) were added by David Kidd:

Final modifications were made to the letter Thomas drafted regarding notifying relevant local agencies, businesses and individuals of the need to reference town subdivision code in any real estate transaction involving subdivision.

Rich will attend the next Town Board meeting to inquire of the town attorney about any decision regarding subdivisions that did not meet the code that existed at the time of the subdivision. Thomas sent an email to the Town clerk requesting a spot on the agenda of the next meeting for Rich, and forwarded a copy of the letter regarding subdivision code for their review.

There are a lot of questions relating to the future development of the former depot property. Earl Martin was not able to make our July meeting. Hershey will contact him to attend the August meeting.  The Planning Board needs to be kept in the loop of development plans. 

Ricky McCulloch advised the PB that the garage on Rt. 336, at Long Meadow Trailer Court, is being operated by someone other than those who secured a Special Use Permit for the business. Also, there is a question of whether it is being used for the purpose for which the permit was obtained.

Respectfully submitted,

Barry Somerville, secretary