August 31, 2017

PB minutes 7/27/17

PB minutes 7/27/17

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm, all members present.

Previous meeting minutes were reviewed – motion to accept made by Hershey, second by Rich, all approved.
A representative for Cornerstone Mennonite Church was present. We informed him that the info sent to the county planning board was recommended for approval with the suggestion that the Fayette PB be informed since the property being subdivided was within 500’ of Fayette in the north side. Linda did this and received no indication of disapproval. A motion was made by Barry to approve the subdivision, seconded by David, all approved. The board approved a second motion made by Barry and seconded by Hershey as follows:
The Planning Board of the Town of Varick hereby determines that issuing the Special Use Permit constitutes an unlisted action that is subject to SEQR and that there is no federal or other involved agencies with respect to this action; and, that the Planning Board hereby declares itself to be the lead agency for this action and that a short EAF is sufficient to determine the significance of the action; and, that the Planning Board hereby determines that the provisions of subdivision (4) of section 305 of article 25-AA of the Agriculture and Markets Law do not apply; and, based upon its review of the Local Law, the EAF, its own independent analysis of the proposed action, and comparison with the Criteria for Determining Significance found at 6 NYCRR Part 617.7, the Planning Board hereby finds that issuing the Special Use Permit constitutes an action which will not have a significant impact on the environment and therefore does not require preparation of a Draft Environmental Impact Statement; and, that this Determination of Significance shall be considered a Negative Declaration made pursuant to Article 8 of the Environmental Conservation Law; and, that this determination is based on the following facts and conclusions:
1. Issuing the Special Use Permit would not result in any direct action or physical change to the environment.
2. Any changes to the environment that may occur from the proposed development would be minimal.
Craig Sessler presented a map for a proposed property line change between lots that he owns and his neighbor. We suggested that he change the proposed line to make a current lot conform to current code and improve the conformity of the second lot. A motion was made to accept the property line change as long as the board’s recommendation is included in the final map. Motion made by Rich, second by Tom, all approved. Mr. Sessler agreed to make the above changes and see that Mike Karlsen revise the map.
At our next meeting we hope to work on an application for subdivisions. Next meeting will be postponed until August 31. Donna has been informed by email.
Motion made to adjourn by Tom, second by Rich, approved.
Respectfully submitted, 
Barry Somerville, secretary

August 15, 2017

PB minutes 6/23/17

Approved Copy PB minutes 6/23/17

Meeting called to order at 7:05 pm. All members present except Linda. Tom was chair in her absence.

Previous meeting minutes read and approved – motion made by Dave, second by Tom.

Public hearing was called to order regarding Cornerstone Mennonite Church and school. Nobody present with any concerns.

Cornerstone Mennonite Church presented their application for subdivision and special use permit with sketch of changes. They talked to neighbors, Witmer’s and Swartley’s, and said there were no objections to building. The following motion was made by Hershey, seconded by Dave: We move to forward the application for a subdivision and special use permit presented by Cornerstone Mennonite Church to the Seneca County Planning Board for review to build a church, school for no more than 42 students, and cemetery. Motion was passed.

Greg McNeeley presented a map showing a proposed moving of his property line. The property in view did not meet the 100’ wide lot size so we suggested that he either go to the Zoning Board of Appeals or see Mike Karlsen about changing the property pin to meet the 100’ width.

Tim Dorn, our new code enforcement officer, came to the meeting and had a few questions about signing off for zoning permit. He presented the application for Cornerstone Mennonite Church.

Rich Olsen informed us that the county is proposing to post online town applications for solar and wind use permits.

Hershey moved to adjourn the meeting, second by Frankie, approved. Next meeting will be on 7/27/17.

Respectfully submitted,

Barry Somerville, secretary