November 17, 2016

PB Minutes 10/27/16

Draft Copy PB Minutes 10/27/16

Meeting called to order at 7:02 pm. Members present: Linda, Tom, Rich, Dave, and Barry.

September minutes were reviewed and approved – motion made by Tom, second by Barry.

Joan Albany brought a letter of intent and survey map for a subdivision on E. Lake Rd. Tom moved to approve as a minor subdivision, Linda seconded, motion carried. Donna will be notified to schedule a public hearing for our next meeting on Nov. 17. Copy of map will be approved, stamped and returned to Joan. One copy must be submitted by her to Seneca County.

Jim Somerville and Scott Ditzell also came for approval of a subdivision previously discussed. Tom moved to approve as minor subdivision, Dave seconded, all approved. Jim must supply tax map number and most recently stamped location map that shows the entire subdivision. It was made clear to Scott that this could not be subdivided again without 100’ of road access and this will be documented. We will also hold this public hearing on Nov. 17.

These approvals are exempt from SEQR approval according to the NYS Code of Rules and Regulations – 6CR-NY 617.5 (c)(19).

Linda mentioned that another subdivision may be coming up soon from property on Ogden Rd.

Barry submitted copies of the Town of Conesus subdivision application for review. We went over each page and made appropriate changes to formulate an application for Town of Varick. All will be incorporated for approval next month.

Rich informed us that our letter concerning subdivision regulations has been approved by the town lawyer. We will be sending out copies as soon as possible.

Meeting adjourned at 9:05 pm – motion by Dave, second by Rich. Next meeting in Nov. 17, 2016.

Respectfully submitted,

Barry Somerville, Secretary

November 16, 2016

PB Minutes 9/22/16

Draft Copy PB Minutes 9/22/16

Meeting called to order at 7:03. Members present – Linda, Barry, Hershey, Tom.

Previous meeting minutes were not available for review.

Linda informed the board that Bill Squires has resigned. We will be looking for a suitable replacement.

We were expecting Jim Somerville and Scott Ditzell to be present with info on their subdivision progress. The ZBA has given a variance for the 30’ frontage on 96a. Linda will inform Jim to bring a letter of intent to subdivide based on criteria in our current code. We expect to review this at the next meeting.

We are also concerned that we keep record of all subdivisions that are final. In this case, no further subdivisions can be made without access to a road. We should include this information in our application form for subdivisions – something to the effect of when the property was last subdivided. In this way we can determine if a legal subdivision is possible.

Rich Olsen may be able to help the TB and PB to post minutes on the same blog. This will improve the appearance and availability of the minutes.

Barry will attend the next TB meeting on Oct. 4.

Next PB meeting is Oct. 27. We are to review Town of Conesus application for subdivision for discussion and possible pattern for our own application at the next meeting.

Motion for adjournment made by Hershey, seconded by Barry at 7:50.

Respectfully submitted,
Barry Somerville