July 31, 2015

PB Minutes 6/25/15

PB Minutes 6/25/15
Meeting called to order at 7:04. Members present were Rich, Linda, Hershey, and Barry.

Previous meeting minutes were read and approved. Motion made by Rich, second by Linda.

Linda read the announcement for Public Hearing on July 7, 7:00 pm at Varick Town Hall. She mentioned positive feedback from the TB concerning our work on Zoning for the depot and Subdivision Code.
Tim Critchfield and Kathy Swasey addressed the board concerning zoning issues in regard to permanent versus seasonal camper usage. We referred them to our code and instructed them about our role in creating code, the code officer enforcing the code, and the ZBA interpreting the code. They seemed satisfied with some minor recommendations. Any further concerns should be handled by the ZBA.

We are prepared to attend the public hearing on July 7 and answer any questions that may be brought up.

Meeting adjourned at 8:23, motion made by Rich, second by Hershey.

Respectfully submitted,
Barry Somerville, secretary