June 06, 2010

Draft May 27th Meeting Minutes

Town of Varick Planning Board Meeting Minutes

Date and location of Meeting: May 27th, 2010 at the Varick Town Hall

Attendees: Thomas Bjorkman, Phil Knapp, Bill Larzelere, Linda
Mastellar, Barry Somerville, Bill Squires
Absent: Todd Horton

Meeting called to order at 7:05pm

Old Business:
Varick Zoning Code Changes: Bill Squires formally reported that the Varick Zoning Code Changes that were presented at a Public Hearing on April 6, 2010,during the regular meeting of the Town Board, was approved unanimously by Town Board. Bill thanked all for their hard work and diligence.

Minutes Approval: Minutes from the last Planning Board meeting (February 25th 2010) were not available at this meeting to discuss and approve. Bill Larzelere will provide a copy to all for the next scheduled meeting.

New Business:
Changes to meeting schedule and location: All Planning Board Meetings will now be held in the Varick Town Hall on the fourth Thursday of every other month through the year. The next scheduled meeting will be July 22nd, 2010 at the Varick Town Hall.

New Zoning Compliance Permits: Chairman Squires laid out his thoughts about the need for updating the Varick “Zoning Compliance Permit” form(s). This is now required to bring them up to date in electronic form available on the Varick Website and to conform to the new Zoning Code changes. All agreed this was a good next project.
Bill Squires suggested there may need to be three permits:
1. Zoning Compliance Permit
2. Docks and Moorings Permit
3. Zoning Board of Appeals Application for Variance
He also suggested that the Sub-Division Code will need to be updated as pieces of the old Zoning Code were brought into the SubDivision Code as part of the Zoning Code changes.
Todd Horton had passed out a Realtor Agreement form used in his business. Paragraph 14 which outlines Improvements to property was discussed by the Board to identify which of the listed improvements may be important to put in the new Zoning Compliance Permit.
It was decided that there would be check boxes in the new Permit that would identify Property Improvements requiring permitting.

Phil Knapp thought pools should be added to our Zoning Code as they are in other Towns. There was discussion about above ground and in ground pools with fencing and stairs. It was decided that a list of items to consider for the next round of Code changes should be started.
First items: Ponds, Pools(above and in ground), outdoor wood burners, Schools(letter from town resident David Kidd and discussion at recent Public Hearing)

There was discussion about the need for a separate permit for Docks and Moorings or if it should be another page in the Zoning Compliance Permit. Some other Towns do have separate permits. There was discussion about if this might be duplication of the County Docks and Moorings Committee mission. It was decided that a separate permit may be useful and that the County committee is on record as being a recommending body and not a body to create regulation.

Bill Squires then asked that the Board think about his Permit change proposals, come up with their own ideas, and be prepared to begin work on this project at the next meeting.

New Planning Board Secretary: After many years of service as Planning Board Secretary, Bill Larzelere has asked that a new Secretary be named. Bill would like to continue as a Planning Board Member until the end of his term.
Bill Squires asked for volunteers, and after getting none, moved that Todd Horton be named Board Secretary. Phil Knapp seconded the motion. Discussion followed since Horton was not present, Squires withdrew the nomination.
New member Barry Somerville asked about the duties required and after explanation from Bill Larzelere, Barry Somerville said he would do the job. Thomas Bjorkman thanked Bill Larzelere for his great job and then made a motion that Barry Somerville be nominated for the new Planning Board Secretary. Phil Knapp seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous to approve the motion.

Letter from John Sherlock of Pa. about a new Bed and Breakfast:
Bill Squires had a letter from John Sherlock of Pennsylvania about their plans to start a new Bed and Breakfast on Yale Station Rd. They will renovate an existing original home. John had questions about the Towns support for such ventures and about any “issues” in the Town that may affect the success of his business. Examples of issues mentioned were, large truck traffic, old Army Depot contamination, industrial development. It was decided that Squires would respond with recommendations to read the Varick Zoning Code on the website to find the requirements for Bed and Breakfast businesses, and that the other concerns are a matter of Public record that could be researched through those avenues.

Public Comment at Planning Board Meetings
Bill Squires asked that it be made policy that any formal or informal public questions or discussion, or business be submitted to Chairman Squires at least one week before the scheduled Planning Board meeting. He reiterated that Public comments are welcome and desirable, but asked that the notice be given for scheduling and agenda purposes.

Scepter Monofill
Board member Phil Knapp reported he had received an information package from the NYDEC about the proposed Scepter Inc. monofill, landfill near his residence. He said anyone within a quarter mile of the proposed site had received the package that included facts, and a questionnaire. The NYDEC has been named the lead Agency for the SEQR evaluation.

FingerLakes Land Trust
Linda Mastellar showed a brochure she had received from the FingerLakes Land Trust and wondered if we should invite them at some point to talk to our Board about their mission. It was agreed that this would be a good idea, but no further action was taken

Next Regular Meeting Date: Again it was noted that the change of dates and venue for Planning Board meetings. The meetings will be every other month, and will be held at the Town of Varick Town Hall instead of the firehouse.
The next meeting will be July 22nd, 2010 at the Varick Town Hall at 7:00pm

Meeting adjourned: Bill Squires moved to adjourn the meeting. Phil Knapp seconded and the meeting was closed at 8:25 pm

Minutes Submitted By: Bill Larzelere (Secretary)