September 29, 2014

PB Minutes 8/28/14

Draft Copy PB Minutes 8/28/14

Meeting opened at 7:05 pm. Members present were Hershey, Linda, Tom, Todd, and Barry.

Previous minutes were reviewed and approved, motion made by Linda, second by Todd.

Marc Romanowski came to the meeting to represent FLTG and readdress issues concerning the depot zoning. A letter was sent to the board addressing the following code revisions: 1) Allow warehouse, laboratory/R&D facilities and light manufacturing to remain allowed as of rights in the SBPI district; 2) Provide greater predictability in the code’s special use permit criteria, and 3) Remove the site plan requirement to obtain a zoning compliance permit.

The board thought these suggestions were good. Marc will contact Barbara Johnston about these  changes to the code.

Todd asked Marc a question about PUD’s as we are working on this aspect of the code. He suggested we stay away from overlay districts and suggested looking into cluster developments because they are mainly geared to residential areas. He is going to direct us to a source that may help us with inquiries. It may be that we can transfer our work on PUD’s and carry it over to this type of development.

We also reviewed an email that Todd received from Barbara J concerning the following: 1) a revised zoning map that reconfigures the AR district boundaries, 2) her agreement with the FLTG proposals, 3) Seneca White Deer comments about adding more Conservation land.

We thought the proposal of a Site Plan Review process would help a lot with the special use permit process. Tom and Linda are forwarding to us a proposal we will consider to send to Barbara so she can work this into our code.

Todd is going to contact Barbara about expanding the Conservation area south of SBPI district to the north end of the railroad line. We also want to extend the residential district on the east side north to Van Riper Rd.

Next meeting is September 25. Meeting adjourned at 9:01, motion made by Hershey, seconded by Tom.

Respectfully submitted,

Barry Somerville, secretary

Approved PB minutes 7/24/14

Draft Copy PB Minutes 7/24/14
Meeting opened at 7:08, members present were Todd, Linda, Dave, and Barry.

The minutes of the May and June meetings were read and approved, motion made by Linda and seconded by Dave.

Leslie Mauro, a lawyer representing Marc Romanowski from FL Tech Group was present to address concerns about the zoning proposal for the depot. FLTG seems interested in more specific language regarding telecommunications equipment, warehouse usage etc. These were addressed in a letter sent to the board that we have not had a chance to review. It seems that FLTG may want to continue doing what they are doing without the hassle of special use permits. We agreed to review and consider the items addressed in the letter but made no promises to change the code. We will make a decision how to proceed at the next meeting.

Dave brought up a discrepancy in the current code regarding schools. Sections 310.2 and 311.13 do not agree and need to be coordinated to read schools under 36 students. It is likely that we can revise this without a hearing, but we will ask Tom to make sure.

Todd brought up an issue concerning the AR zoning area on the west side of the depot. The railroad would like this designated WITE to promote industrial development near the entrance of the railway into the depot. Barbara Johnston also thinks a change should be made. Todd is going to call her, Bob Aronson, and Steve Absalom about these concerns. We need to make a decision about it in our next meeting.

We learned that Bill Squires has resigned from the board and we need a replacement. Barry will call Phil Knapp to see if he is interested in returning to the board.

Next meeting is August 28. Motion to adjourn made by Linda, second by Dave and approved.

Respectfully Submitted,

Barry Somerville, secretary

Approved PB minutes 5/22/14

PB minutes 5/22/14
Meeting called to order at 7:30 with Tom sitting in as chairperson. Members present were Linda, Dave, Tom and Barry.
Minutes from April 24 were approved, motion made by Linda, seconded by Dave. It was noted that the March minutes were emailed to Todd and not yet approved.
We discussed a few areas of the revised proposal for depot zoning that was forwarded to some of the members from Barbara Johnston. We specified that Green Energy such as wind, solar, and biomass(?) was included in the WITE area of the depot. We agreed that these should be listed in the code and add necessary requirements for wind mills.
Tom read a section listing restrictions for special uses in the depot from the above revised proposal. We agreed that these seemed appropriate and well written.
 We also decided that we should the Conservation area to Conservation and Recreation. Tom will notify Barbara of these changes.
Dave asked what the procedure was for final approval of the depot zoning. It is believed that we need to forward the proposal to the county planning board. There are also SEQRA requirements. We decided to let Todd find out the next step in the procedure. We will also forward a copy to the TB for their perusal and information. There will need to be a public hearing and final approval by the TB to adopt the new code.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30, motion made by Dave and seconded by Linda.
Next meeting will be on June 26.
Respectfully submitted,
Barry Somerville,secretary

September 25, 2014

PB Minutes 6/26/14

Meeting opened at 7:15 – members present were Todd, Hershey, Linda, and Barry.

The minutes from the May meeting could not be read as the secretary’s computer was down and the notes could not be retrieved. They will be reviewed at the July meeting.

Todd informed the board that the Seneca County Planning Board has resolved that zoning for the depot in the Town of Varick will be solely under local jurisdiction.

It was decided that the PB would compose a letter to the Varick TB about depot property returning to town ownership. A motion was made by Hershey, seconded by Barry and passed by all. Linda drafted a letter expressing our desire as a board that the Town Board begin proceedings to acquire depot lands and open County Road 135 in conjunction with zoning approval and town legal counsel.

No other business was conducted in regard to PUD’s. Our hope is to finish this language in the next session.

A motion was made to adjourn at 8:15 by Barry, seconded by Hershey. Next meeting is July 24.

Respectfully submitted,

Barry Somerville, secretary