June 23, 2017

PB minutes 4/27/17

PB Meeting Minutes 4/27/17

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm. Members present were Linda, Tom, Rich, Frankie, Hershey, and Barry.

March meeting minutes were read and approved, motion made by Linda, second by Rich.

Members from Cornerstone Mennonite Church attended our meeting and presented tentative plans for building a church, school, and cemetery on McGrane Rd. Plot is 400’ square and does not meet setbacks for construction. There is no problem with subdivision code but we discussed the issue of granting a special use permit rather than conditional use. We suggested that they increase the setback on the south side from 50’ to 100’ and provide reasonable green space between parking lot and property line. They also could increase the lot on the north side by 50’. Future screening needs to be considered if land to the south is developed for residences. Parking spaces must also be farther from the road than drawn on the plan.

Linda will send them an email or letter informing them of our suggestions and refer them to zoning code for special use permit application (404.2). We are hoping to expedite procedures so they can open the school by September 1.

Earl Martin attended our meeting and presented a map of the depot property that he has purchased. He shared with us some of his development plans which we appreciated. Of most concern to him were the building of an agricultural fence and opening old county road 135 between Routes 96 and 96A.

Tom entered two items into Google Docs that should be changed in the next code revision:
404.2 – the special use procedure mentions “large business.” We do not designate “large business” any more. It should be changed to “special use” or something similar.
310.2 – should read “under 35” rather than “over 35” as specified in the Use Table.

Next meeting is May 25th. Motion to adjourn made by Hershey, second by Rich at 9:35.

Respectfully submitted,

Barry Somerville, secretary