June 03, 2020

No meetings in March or April 2020 due to Covid.

February minutes will be reviewed at June meeting.

Varick Planning Board, January 23, 2020

Varick Planning Board

January 23, 2020 

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. 

Present: Linda Mastellar (chair), Rich Olsen, Frankie Long, Thomas Björkman (Secretary), Michele Hermann, one vacancy. Absent, Hershey Sensenig


Visitors: Tony and Kim Parella, Rachel Fletcher, Nick Davoli.


Approve October minutes Moved by Hermann, second by Long. Approved 4-0, one abstention.

Parella Subdivision. Tony and Kim Parella.

Applicant presented a preliminary sketch plan of a lot-line move on several properties on East Lake Rd. This is a proposal to make two lot line moves and will be treated as two subdivision actions. One will enlarge parcel 10-3-24 (5487 East Lake Rd.) by taking about 9.4 acres from 10-3-25.111. The second will further enlarge parcel 10-3-24 by taking about 4.3 acres from 10-3-25.12.


After some discussion, a fully conforming configuration was identified.

The board accepted the applications, preliminary plat, Ag Data Statement and SEQR Short EAF. We will forward the applications to the county planning board and will schedule a public hearing for February 27.

Moved by Björkman, second by Long. Approved 5-0.

Somerville subdivision. Signed final maps of Somerville subdivision that was approved at the August 22, 2019 meeting.


Meeting time. The planning board resolved to meet on the third Thursday of November and December henceforth.

Moved by Björkman, second by Hermann. Approved 5-0.


Short-term rental issues. To do for next meeting.

·      Dogs. Thomas will bring draft revisions next time. 

·      Noise. Who would enforce a Town Noise Ordinance?

Björkman will ask Harriet Haynes for guidance.

Long will ask McMillan whether Sheriff or State Police enforce,

Mastellar will ask Sheriff Tim Luce what other towns do. 

Waterloo and Seneca Falls have noise ordinances. Seneca County only has construction-noise regulation.



Adjourn. Moved by Björkman, second by Olsen. Approved 5-0. Adjourned 9:12