December 18, 2014

PB minutes 9/25/14

Draft Copy PB minutes 9/25/14
Meeting opened at 7:05 – all members present.

Minutes for August meeting were reviewed and approved – motion made by Linda, second by Tom.

We reviewed map changes from last meeting to forward to Barbara. We are extending WITE area to cover the gate area on 96a. We also need her to work on developing language for cluster developments instead of PUD’s. Tom emailed her during our meeting and asked for a cost estimate so we can approach the board about this. We still intend to cover both of these items – depot zoning and cluster development in one public meeting.

Todd mentioned that we need to review all forms that are or will be online from the perspective of a consumer. Our only form now is the Zoning Compliance Permit but we may add special use, building permit, site plan review, etc.

Todd also emailed Larry Colton about attending our next meeting to touch base with him.

We met with Tim Wiant about possibly coming on the Planning Board to replace Bill Squires. We just reviewed how things work and the projects we are addressing.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm – motion made by Tom, seconded by Hershey. Next meeting is Oct. 23.

Respectfully submitted,
Barry Somerville, secretary