December 17, 2015

PB Minutes 11/19/15

Draft Copy PB Meeting 11/19/15
Meeting called to order at 7:05. Members present were Dave, Linda, Tom, Rich, Barry, and Hershey.

A motion was made by Tom to adopt minutes to October meeting, second by Linda, approved.

We spent some time discussing issues and questions that were raised at the IDA meeting concerning the depot. Overall it seemed to be a profitable discussion with many questions asked but not many answers given. The IDA would like the depot to be sold but will not necessarily take the highest bid. They seem to be concerned about the best development for the advantage of each town. They need to develop criteria for accepting bids on the depot lands.

It also seems to us that in order for people to offer bids they will want to know what the zoning is for the area. We are still waiting on the town board to accept the PB proposal for depot zoning.

Rich asked about the possibility of the TB adopting everything that we have forwarded to them except the depot area zoning. Tom said that SEQR requires adoption of the whole package. However, Linda is going to inquire about it. It may be that our attorney can help us.

We are going to move forward on the subdivision code language drawn from the town of Fayette. It seems to apply well to our town. We will discuss adopting it into our code at the next meeting.

We also think it’s important to get something into the code about wind and solar energy soon. We do not want to be too restrictive, but some basic parameters concerning aesthetics, affect upon neighbors, setbacks, glare, etc. need to be added to our code.

The next issue deals with docks that are not permanent. Permits should not be required after the first year. We also need to consider setback issues.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35, motion made by Hershey, second by Dave. Next meeting is Dec. 17.

Respectfully submitted,

Barry Somerville, secretary

PB Minutes 10/22/15

Draft Copy PB Minutes 10/22/15

Meeting called to order at 7:05. Members present were Linda, Bill, Tom, Rich, and Barry.

Previous minutes were reviewed and adopted, motion made by Rich seconded by Bill.

A proposal was made to send a letter to the Town Board that the PB would like a letter sent to the County Clerk that their office not accept any future subdivision requests without a certified approval from the Varick Planning Board. This is part of the required process for subdivision approval in the town. Bill will make a draft and forward to the rest of the PB for review. We hope to get this to the TB before their next meeting.

We were informed by Bob Hayssen that the TB has hired Barbara Johnston to devise a map of possible parcels of land to sell based on the residential /agricultural area of the depot. Bob would like one of us to accompany her on a tour of the depot if necessary to help her with ideas. The PB also looks forward to reviewing any proposals that may come from this.

We then discussed issues that were raised at our last meeting:

1) The question concerning subdivision and re-subdivision of property. The following definitions were taken from the Fayette Zoning Code which should be helpful in deciding what should be added or changed in our own code:

SUBDIVISION, MINOR - The subdivision of a parent parcel of land into less than five (5)
lots. No more than five (5) lots shall be created either concurrently or sequentially from a
parent parcel within a ten (10) year period of the date the minor subdivision is approved.
Should more than the five (5) lots be applied for within ten (10) years of the date that the
minor subdivision was approved, the subdivision will become a major subdivision and the
applicant shall be required to submit all the information and documentation required for a
major subdivision for the previously subdivided lots as well as for the lots under
consideration in the new application.
RESUBDIVISION - Revision of all or part of an existing filed plat including consolidation
of lots or alteration of approved lot boundaries. If the proposed "resubdivision" consists
solely of the simple alteration of lot lines, then normal subdivision procedures may be
waived at the discretion of the Town Planning Board. If normal subdivision procedures are
not waived by the Town Planning Board, the resubdivision shall be deemed to be a major or
minor subdivision at the discretion of the Town Planning Board in which case the appropriate
major or minor subdivision procedures set forth in these regulations shall apply.
2) The question of zoning code for wind and solar development. Bill is going to forward some of his research on the topic. Rich will resend material he obtained at one of the PB training sessions.
3) The issue of temporary docks – should this be further clarified in our code? After some discussion Bill said he could send us some information that he has gathered on the topic.
Meeting adjourned at 9:04, motion made by Barry, second by Bill.
Respectfully submitted,

Barry Somerville, secretary

PB Minutes 9/24/15

Draft Copy PB Minutes 9/24/15

Meeting called to order at 7:02 PM. All members present except for Tom B.

Previous meeting minutes read and accepted, motion made by Bill, second by Rich.

Linda gave us a briefing of TB meeting on 9/1/15. Vote on depot zoning and cluster division was tabled. Some board members had not received a hard copy of the changes.

There seems to be a great deal of interest in farmers buying plots in the Varick area of the depot. The PB and TB would like to see smaller sections sold off to build our tax basis rather than sell to a few large buyers.

On October 6 the TB will receive questions and information on two subdivisions bought within the town. This stresses the need for the PB to review current subdivision code and make sure that subdivision plans be channeled through the PB.

The PB will address three issues at the next meeting. Members are encouraged to research the following areas:
 1) The issue of how many times property may be subdivided. Our current code says that once a property is divided it cannot be subdivided again. However, it seems that this is very restrictive, especially if someone divides a large plot containing many acres. Do we need to clarify the code further in this area?
2) The issue of zoning for wind and solar energy. The question was raised whether we should have a moratorium on the subject so we have time to study it and add some parameters in the code. Bill has some information he will email to PB members.
3) Question about temporary docks – do we need to clarify need for setbacks, are they exempt, etc.?

Our meetings for November and December will be on the 19th and 17th respectively. Our next meeting will be held October 22.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30, motion made by Hershey, second by Dave.

Respectfully submitted,

Barry Somerville, secretary