February 23, 2017

PB Minutes 1/26/17

PB Minutes 1/26/17

Meeting called to order at 7:02 pm. All members present.

Previous meeting minutes were read and approved; motion made by Hershey, second by Rich.
Mike Karlsen presented subdivision maps on behalf of Diane Dinsmore for property along Willers Rd and 414. Subdivision proposal had no zoning conflicts. Donna Karlsen will be notified to schedule a public hearing for Feb. 23, 2017.

Mike addressed some thoughts about our letter that notified local lawyers, surveyors, banks, etc. about the need to properly submit subdivision plans. We were aware of some of the observations he made and appreciated his input. One area he was concerned about was the issue of enforcing the parameters of building plans. Checks and balances ought to be put in place to confirm that the original plans submitted for building a structure are actually fulfilled. He also offered to print our stamp on any maps he submits for subdivision so we only need to sign them.

Linda informed the board that Frankie Long is interested in coming back to the planning board. A motion was made by Tom that she be accepted as a new member of the board. Second was made by Dave and approved. This will be submitted to the Town Board for their next meeting.

Harriet Haynes will be coming to our next meeting to discuss subdivision approval in relationship to county planning board expectations. We look forward to her input and information.

We had a brief discussion about the zoning provision to move a property line which was brought up by Mike Karlsen. We may just need to revisit the language to see if any changes need to be made such as how far such lines can be extended.

Motion was made to adjourn by Hershey, second by Tom. Next meeting is 2/23/17.
Respectfully submitted,
Barry Somerville, secretary