Meeting called to order 7:10PM  Members present: Todd, Hershey, Bill, Thomas, Linda, David

David Kidd took minutes in Barry Somerville's absence.

Dennis Money, president of Seneca White Deer (SWD) gave a history of the organization and his past involvements in environmental and conservation efforts. The mission of SWD is to preserve the military and civilian history of the depot and preserve the white deer herd.  He pointed out that this is the largest white deer herd in the world.

SWD’s first tours attracted 1800 people and generated $18,000 dollars in revenue over two weekends with very little advertising. Later tours also sold out.  He believes there is potential for a world class tourism center.  SWD does not yet have a completed business plan.  There is no competition in the Northeast for an attraction like SWD envisions.

The New York State Open Space Plan is a dedicated fund for preservation of space for people and wildlife and is a potential source of funding for development.  Based on 44,000 visitors a year at Sampson, SWD estimated half that for the first year generating one million dollars in revenue.

One possible solution to the cost of maintaining the fence is for individuals to buy a section of the fence and have their name memorialized on it. Questions of conservation vs. tax revenue were raised along with co-use of property. SWD is open to co-use. Money referred to PILOT Payment in Lieu of Taxes as SWD’s intention for the facility to provide revenue from operations. He anticipates 35 jobs June-Oct. in first two years.   Deer management could partly be funded by a lottery for hunting permits.  $400-500 thousand dollars is generated this way to manage Elk in Pa. 

Larry Colton presented a letter from Heaton and Venuti, attorneys for Gregory Cool, who plans to purchase property at 1090 Yale Farm Rd. The letter raised the question of approval to subdivide a parcel of the original property that had taken place in 2010.  Todd Horton indicated that the subdivision created a landlocked tax parcel and had not been approved. The situation will need to be rectified.

Bill Squires asked Larry about a shed Kelsey’s planned to build on the lakefront along East Lake Rd.  The structure will require piers.

Varick is waiting to hear from the Romulus board regarding cooperation on securing outside help to rezone the depot area. There are grants from the state for this but the deadline to apply is Aug. 14th. We need to know if Romulus is on board before proceeding. 

Todd pointed out that we our job is zoning and cautioned that we may be over thinking our role.

There was discussion of heavy bus traffic at times on East Lake Rd. from the Mormon camp and grain trucks. 

Bill Squires moved to close the meeting, second by Todd.  Adjourned at 8:53PM 

Respectfully submitted,

David Kidd