April 29, 2016

PB Minutes 3/24/2016

Planning Board minutes 3/24/2016
Members present: Linda, Hershey, Rich, Bill, David Ricky McCulloch. the new Code
Enforcement Officer was also present
Minutes from the February meeting were not available for approval. We will review those
at our April meeting.
Hal Ferguson provided Land Platt copies for the exchange of two parcels of property
between himself and neighbors, the James’. The proposal is to allow both parties to have
contiguous boundaries for their respective properties. These were approved, stamped and
signed by Linda.
Ricky requested that we have printable copies of the zoning permit application on our
website. Rich pointed out that the form exists but must be accessed through a link on the ZBA site. We want to get this changed so it can be accessed directly from the PB site.
Bill suggested that Ricky provide feedback to the PB regarding any issues or problems
he encounters. Ricky said he could provide information on permits to the PB.
Rich has been reappointed till 2020.
A letter to the county stating that it should not approve any subdivision in the Town of
Varick without the approval of the town was sent to the Town Board to be forwarded to the
county, however, we have received no response to this letter and its disposition is uncertain. Bill will prepare another letter. Rich will verify with Donna that the subdivision code she is using matches our current subdivision code.
Bill and Linda plan to attend the public hearing on April 5th on the depot rezoning.
There is a Regional Local Government Workshop on May 19th in Pittsford for Planning
Board members and other local officials. Confirmation of plans to attend should be in to Donna by the first of April. The town covers the cost of this workshop. Web training is also available.
Planning Board members need 4 hours of training per year. The regional workshop provides 8 hours.
We will postpone pursuing solar codes until after the workshop since there is training
provided there that will prove valuable as we write code for solar.
Hershey moved to adjourn and Bill seconded.