May 21, 2014

PB minutes 4/24/14

Draft Copy PB minutes, 4/24/14

Meeting called to order at 7:04, Todd, Bill, Tom, Hershey, and Barry present.

PB minutes for February meeting were reviewed and accepted – motion made by Bill, second by Hershey.

We briefly reviewed the Existing and Proposed Special Permit and Other Criteria Applied to Specific Uses forwarded to us by Barbara Johnston. We agreed to drop green energy as a separate category from the Conservation/Recreation area.

We also reviewed the Proposed Revisions to the Town of Varick Zoning Regulations. A column was added to the current zoning code for the WITE (warehouse, industrial, transportation, energy) area in the depot. We discussed each item tagged for special permit and referenced each section to our current code where possible. There were only a few areas that we will need further help in defining, such as cemeteries and large businesses and warehouses. Todd is going to contact Harriet for input.

Two new special uses were developed, S311.18 – medium sized businesses, and S311.19 – large business on depot.

It was agreed to send this work on to the Town Board for review. Any input from them will be helpful. Only small revisions should be necessary once we receive final recommendations from Barbara.

We closed the meeting with a discussion about the AR section in the depot. It was suggested that we make this whole region WITE to encourage more growth in these areas. Some feel we should leave the zoning the way it is, others are open to changing the AR portion south of East-West Base Line Rd to WITE. We are considering if the AR area north of this road should be included as CR.

Our meeting closed at 8:55, motion made by Bill, seconded by Hershey. The next meeting is 5/22/14.

Respectfully submitted,

Barry Somerville, secretary

PB minutes 2/27/14

Draft Copy PB Minutes 2/27/14
Meeting opened at 7 pm, all members present.
Previous minutes were read. Tom mentioned one sentence needed to be changed. The following sentence in the PUD paragraph - Residential is allowed in this area but we believe it is inappropriate for PUD development – should read – This area is inappropriate for PUD development. Tom moved to approve minutes with this change, Hershey seconded, all approved.
Todd shared changes that were made to the Depot Zoning map that extends some of the AR areas. This was accomplished in the ad hoc committee meeting just prior to our PB meeting.
We put off work on PUD’s to work more on the depot rezoning project. Information from the ad hoc committee was forwarded to us via email. We are to review this info and be ready to finish up our input at the next PB meeting.
We were presented with the Town of Romulus application for special use permits. We read through the document and made appropriate changes to adopt for the Town of Varick. Todd wrote down revisions that were made and Linda will work on rewriting them for Varick’s special use permit. We also used Addendum A and the Agricultural Data Statement. Only minor changes are needed in these documents.
Our homework for next meeting is to thoroughly review the documents received from Barbara Johnson and the ad hoc zoning committee. We especially need to focus on the definitions section and special use criteria. Our next meeting will be held 3/13/14 at 6:00 pm to finalize language on these issues.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm, motion made by Linda, seconded by Tom.
Respectfully submitted,
Barry Somerville, secretary

PB minutes 1/30/14

Draft Copy PB Meeting 1/30/14

Meeting opened at 7:15 pm. All present except Todd and Linda. Tom acted as temporary chair in Todd’s absence.

Hershey made a motion to accept the minutes from last month, Dave seconded, motion passed.

We reviewed the informational meeting about the proposed rezoning of the depot area. All seemed happy with the positive feedback from the meeting. The proposal had general public approval, especially the possibility of a county road cutting through the depot from Rt. 96 to Rt. 96a.

One question that was brought up at the meeting concerned who is responsible if land is purchased and later found to have hazardous waste or some other clean up issue. Tom informed us that it would go back to the Army as the responsible party for dealing with such problems.

We also discussed the conservation area and the white deer population.

Bill brought up the need to give more details for the process of obtaining a zoning compliance permit. This was duly noted by Tom and will be adapted at some future date to make online applications easier.

Discussion turned back to PUD’s and if they should be allowed in the WITE (warehouse, industrial, transportation, energy) area of the depot rezoning. Residential is allowed in this area but we believe it is inappropriate for PUD development. This will be added to the use table section 308.

We talked about possibilities of expanding AG area farther east or Conservation farther south in the Varick zone.

We reviewed our thoughts on density issues for PUD’s to bring Dave up to speed.

Hershey and Dave needed to leave early so we dismissed at 8:28. Motion for adjournment was made by Bill, seconded by Dave.

Respectfully submitted,
Barry Somerville, secretary