May 06, 2008

Approved Minutes to April 24, 2008 Meeting

Town of Varick Planning Board Meeting Minutes

Date of meeting: April 24th , 2008

Meeting called to order: 7:05pm

¨ Attendees: Bob Kayser(Chairman ), Thomas Bjorkman, Phil Knapp, Frankie Long, Bill Larzelere, Susan Ottenweller, Kevin Swartley , Miles Persing(Code Enforcement Officer), Jeff Case (Town of Varick Town Board)

A quorum was present.

¨ Susan Ottenweller was introduced and welcomed as a new Planning Board member. Her contact information is a follows:
Susan Ottenweller
4816 Rt. 89
Romulus, N.Y. 14541
Phone: 315-549-8463

¨ Public Comment: 9 members of the public
Bob McCann from 5168 E. Lake rd. read a statement (statement attached) expressing his opinion about the need for a new Dog Control ordinance.
Dan and Shelley Fletcher of E. Lake rd. added their concern that the increased population density required a new dog ordinance to protect people and pets.
Denise Townley of E. Lake Rd. offered a proposed Dog Control ordinance she put together

Chairman Kayser thanked the public for their comments and concern and assured them that our Board would be working on a new Animal Control Ordinance in this meeting that it would forward to our Town Board for its consideration.

David and Linda Bolluck of 4572 E. Lake rd. presented a letter and documentation from the Sunset Bay Homeowners Association asking questions and expressing concerns about the future of the farmland owned by Howard Smith as he has passed away. The main question being the boards opinion of what would be acceptable housing development of this property when it is sold. (Cover letter attached).

Discussion with the board centered around the status of the property being in the Ag district. The Planning Board referred the Association to the County Ag. Board and to the parts of the new Zoning Code that addressed their concerns for development in the Lake District.

Meeting minutes approved- Feb. 25 minutes approved- TB moved- PK seconded- Voted Unanimous to accept. Feb 28th Minutes approved with Phil Knapps E-Mail corrected. PK moved, TB seconded – Voted Unanimous to accept

¨ Zoning Code Enforcement Officer Report

Miles Persing said permit request activity was strong with 6 approved permits since last meeting and several that were rejected and required work to comply to code.
Discussion centered around docks needing permits and what was acceptable. Miles has had several “issues” with Lakeshore District buildings being outside code and being referred to the Zoning Board of Appeals as per procedure in the Code.

Miles asked for clarification on the where the square footage for docks starts and was informed that it was the Mean High Water mark.

Miles thanked all for their continued help in working through the issues being raised and noted that the new code has increased the public’s awareness and requests for his assistance.

¨ Planning Board Chair Report

Bob Kayser noted required educational opportunities for Planning Board members and commented on the positive experience of the recent training attended in Seneca Falls Rec Center.

Informed the Board that the Sessler Group has asked for another 90 day extension on submitting its plans for Depot development.

¨ Animal Control Ordinance Discussion

Chairman Kayser had authored a Draft Animal Control Ordinance in response to a need recognized by the Planning Board and expressed strongly by the public.

This large portion of the meeting was devoted to a line by line review of the proposed ordinance and its acceptance to be referred to Town of Varick Town Board for discussion, changes, and possible formal acceptance as Town Law. Town Board member Jeff Cases participation and suggestions were very helpful and appreciated.
The proposed ordinance will be posted on the Varick Planning Board web site.

New Business Discussion

Phil Knapp had researched other local town Noise Ordinances and passed out copies of the Town of Romulus and Town of Geneva codes. These will be reviewed by Board members and discussed at the next meeting.

Fine tuning of new Zoning Code

It was noted that the new Zoning Code has language that needs to be clarified and will be done over the next several meetings. When completed, it will all be presented to the Town Board for Public hearing and approval.
Examples being: (not all inclusive)
Beginning of Docks- (Mean High water mark)
Structure for living space- 2 feet above 100 year flood level (but not docks and decks)
Seawall- construction language
Deck size - language

Next Meeting: (one month) All meetings will be monthly until further notice.

Our next regular meeting will be May 22th at 7:00pm in the Varick Firehall.

Meeting adjourned at 9:20 pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted,
Bill Larzelere- Secretary