March 23, 2017

PB minutes 2/23/17

2/23/17 - Draft Copy PB Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:05. All members present including our new member Frankie Long.

Minutes to previous meeting were read and amended by striking “and will be approved at next meeting” from the second sentence of the second paragraph. Motion made by Tom, seconded by Hershey, approved by all.

A public hearing was held but nobody was present other than Mike Karlsen. A motion was made by Tom to approve the Dinsmore subdivision reviewed at the last meeting. This subdivision is exempt from SEQR approval according to NYS Code of Rules and Regulations – 6CR-NY 617.5 (c) (19). The motion was seconded by Barry and approved. Linda stamped and signed several copies of the map.

Kathy Hudson submitted a subdivision application and map for property between E Lake Rd, 96a, and portions of Kennedy Rd. The lot will be divided into four sections. Although it is nonconforming property according to current code no access will be changed. Each plot will have access to 96a or E Lake Rd. Dave made a motion to schedule a public hearing to be held on March 23, 2017 for discussion on this subdivision and to forward it for review and recommendations to the Seneca County Planning Board. Tom seconded the motion which was carried with one abstention.

Harriet Haynes attended our meeting and provided some training on steps that should be taken to review subdivisions and special/conditional zoning uses. She also provided a memorandum of understanding that gives guidelines as to what does not need to be reviewed by the Seneca County Planning Board. We are going to compile this information into a guide that we can refer to in making zoning, SEQR, and subdivision decisions and what needs to be reviewed by the county. Harriet gave us 1 ½ hours of training time for this session.

Next meeting is March 23. Motion to adjourn was made by Hershey, seconded by Dave at 9:25 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Barry Somerville, secretary