December 14, 2008

Approved Minutes from November 20th meeting

Town of Varick Planning Board Meeting Minutes

Date of meeting
: November 20,2008

Meeting called to order: 7:05pm

Attendees: Thomas Bjorkman, Phil Knapp, Bill Larzelere, Bill Squires, Susan Ottenweller, Linda Masteller(new member)
Absent: Kevin Swartley
A quorum was present.

New Member:
Linda Masteller introduced herself noting she lives on East Lake rd and was very interested to help finish the changes to the new Zoning code. She had attended a couple of our meetings as we developed the code as a member of the general public. Her contact information is on the Varick Planning Board website.

New Business:
The Town of Fayette has an agreement with Seneca County for a 90 day trial period to do code enforcement and building permits.
Discussion by our board concluded that this was a good idea and agree that with the new codes a dedicated full time person that understands the codes is good idea. We would like to know how the arrangement with Fayette works out.

Zoning Code Changes:
Chairman Squires went over his plan for finishing the changes for the Zoning code and possibly the Sub-Division code in the coming year.
Hopes to have the Zoning code finished by the Feb. or march with a public hearing by April. Wants to have an early meeting with the Town Board And the Zoning Board of Appeals when the changes are finalized for a final look and input.

Section 107 Definitions:

Accessory Facility:
Examples: Take out “Transmission equipment” Examples included will be “storage sheds”, “gazebos” and “detached garages”.

Bar: Add definition created at last meeting

Page 4 “Dwelling” “part Therof” add “Inns” 4th line

Page 5 Add “Hotel” State definition

Page 6 “Mobile Home” last paragraph “in two or more parts”

Page 6 Add “Motel” “See Hotel definition”

Page7 Redo “Place of Worship” definition Susan Ottenweller will research other Town's language for this definition.

Page 7 Add to “ Travel Trailer” definition “including but not limited to a tent camper or motor home.”

Page7 Add “Residence” “See Dwelling and Dwelling Multi-family”

Section 310.5 Phil Knapp questioned whether the language about requiring the mobile home to be on a permanent foundation below frostline was correct and reasonable. After discussion it was decided to change the “below frostline “ to “All mobile homes shall, at the least, be on a permanent foundation slab on compacted gravel.”

Mobile Homes: characteristics: page6 2. Designed to be transported on it's own chassis and connected to utilities after placement.

Last paragraph: For purposes of this ordinance, modular homes, which are built and transported to a building site in two or more large parts and are constructed on a permanent foundation below frostline are not considered “Mobile Homes”.

Page7 Add definition of “Temporary Structures” Look up for better language.

Page 9 Article2 Discussion of making two Lakeshore districts. One for East lake Road and one for Rt.89. Decision for now is NO . Future major issues may require re-evaluation of this decision.

Page 12 section 306.3 Side setbacks apply to docks, decks, walkways and boat hoists

Section 308 Use Tables
Bar special use across the board

Page 16 Nursery and Garden Shop Definition to be developed LR rt. 89 “permitted”, LR East Lake rd. “conditional.”

Bulk Table pg18 Development Feature section will come out and go into Sub-Division code

First sentence “ The following restrictions apply to construction on a single lot”

Side and rear setbacks for accessory structures move to below asterisked paragraph

*and ** take out of page 19 but leave in “as is” on page 20

Section 309.2 Fences and walls paragraphC “If mutually agreed upon otherwise fences are to be set back at least one half the height of the fence from the property line.

Need to finalize how to deal with hedges and trees

Minutes from October 30th meeting:

Agreeded to “table” approving minutes because members needed to review the new definition language and the language about drainage design drafted by Bill Larzelere.

Next Meeting:
December 18th 2008 at Varick Firehall at 7:00pm

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted,
Bill Larzelere- Secretary