September 12, 2009

Approved meeting minutes for August Meeting

Town of Varick Planning Board Meeting Minutes

Date of Meeting:  August meeting held on September 1st , 2009 

Meeting called to order at 7:08pm by Chairman Bill Squires


Attendees:  Thomas Bjorkman, Todd Horton, Phil Knapp, Bill Larzelere, Linda

Masteller, Bill Squires

Absent: Kevin Swartley

Also attending :  Gerald Keefer and Attorney Calvin Brainard

New Business:

Mr. Keefer and his attorney presented the Board a set of drawings for a minor subdivision of property of the estate of  Elma Keefer to be sold to her three children. The property is at 708 Yale Farm Rd and is about 76 acres.  After discussion and review, Thomas Bjorkman moved that the proposed sub-division be accepted for filing and direct the Planning Board Secretary to advertize for a public hearing at the September 24th Planning Board meeting to vote on approval of the proposed sub-division. Linda Masteller seconded the motion and the board voted unanimously to approve the motion.


New Board Member:  A new Planning Board member was introduced.  Todd Horton lives on rt.89. 

Discussion of new Zoning Code Changes:

Drainage Plan- Bill Larzelere described that new language had been put in the Town Wide Design standards section 309.2 and lined out of 309.7,and 309.5.  The Drainage Plan will be used in all Zones in the Town . 

Rooming House: Discussion developed a definition and conditions in 310.6. 

for a Rooming House

Mean High Water Mark:  Description added to definition.

Canned Hunting:   There is a definition in the new code, but previous notes from meeting minutes had said that the AG and Markets language would be looked at to make sure the subject was covered.  Bill Larzelere said he would do this and report.

Livestock:  Discussion was about “livestock” and “farm animals”.  Both terms will be used interchangeably. Will add “or consumption” to existing definition.  Also Thomas will check AG and Markets definition for possible use in place of the existing definition.  Thomas will report.

Equipment Rental in Lakeshore Zone:   Discussion about why this will not be permitted.  Noise, parking,  lack of space or frontage. 

Changes to Telecommunications  Tower code 311.3.    Thomas Bjorkman  talked about several minor changes to the code  to update it for  new Zones.   Changes on page 32,34,35,36. 

Todd Horton asked if Cottage Rentals had been discussed, noting that people that rent out cottages allow many people to use the cottage at the same time and creates noise, parking issues, etc.  It may be discussed for next time code is changed.


May 28th Meeting Minutes:   Thomas Bjorkman moved to aprrove the minutes as written.

 Phil Knapp seconded, the vote was unanimous to approve.


Motion by Bill Squires:  Made a motion to present the Town Board with a final draft of the Zoning Code with all changes.  Will ask the Town Board to schedule a Public Hearing to approve the changes.   Phil Knapp seconded the motion.   The vote was unanimous to approve the motion.


Bill Squires thanked the Planning Board for working together so well and all the hard work to make the changes to the Zoning Code. 

Next Regular Meeting Date:    Sept. 24th, 2009  Varick Firehouse at 7:00pm.

Meeting adjourned: at 9:25 PM

Minutes Submitted By: Bill Larzelere (Secretary)