January 24, 2013

Approved Minutes PB Meeting 1/3/13

Meeting called to order at 7:03 p.m. Members present – Todd H, Bill S, Barry S, Linda M, Tom B, two new members – David Kidd, Hershey Sensenig.

First order of business brought by Larry Colton who had a zoning question concerning construction of a pole barn at 4946 Rt 89, Romulus, NY. Larry thought the setback was 300’ from the centerline of Rt. 89. However, since this is a combined Agriculture and Rural Residential area there are no restrictions on building said structure. Mr. Colton will approve a building permit.

Mr. Bob Aronson met with us from the Industrial Development Agency concerning the use of the depot by North East Freight. This area is currently zoned as a conservation area, but portions are being reconsidered for a zoning change. Mr. Aronson gave us input from his agency’s viewpoint of how this whole area might be developed from a business/industry/commerce perspective. He gave us some valuable information that will help us move forward about the issue of the road and rail entrance for NE Freight as well as considerations that might enhance development of this area while keeping within the boundaries of our comprehensive plan.

It was brought to our attention that one of the best and most likely benefits of the depot area is the railroad. This would be valuable for storage and transportation of goods to other parts of the northeast.

Todd Horton mapped out a strategy to get moving on this issue. We have set up a schedule for all PB members to tour the depot so we understand the layout and how facilities are currently being used. This will be completed by January 12. We also need to acquire good maps of the area to facilitate our knowledge of the layout (rail, roads, buildings, etc.) We then need to define a zoning area. We will continue to seek the input of IDA as to how we can mutually help each other to put forward the best zoning plan.

It is the intent of the PB to make sure all development is within the parameters of our comprehensive plan.

Mr. Aronson was asked to briefly define the purpose of his agency. Basically, they are a delivery mechanism for the economic development of specified areas of New York State. They attempt to provide incentives for businesses to locate in these areas.

 The PB appreciated the input of Mr. Aronson. He helped us to see the big picture and that we need to take some time to properly plan any changes to our current code.

The minutes for our 11/29/12 meeting were approved with two abstentions. Tom B made the motion, seconded by Linda M. Tim also made a motion to accept the special meeting minutes for 12/13/12, seconded by Bill S. Minutes approved by all.

Our next meeting will be held on January 24.

Linda moved to close the meeting, Hershey S. seconded the motion.

Respectfully submitted,
Barry Somerville