April 27, 2017

PB minutes 3/23/17

PB minutes 3/23/17
Meeting called to order at 7:04. Members present – Rich, Frankie, Tom, Linda, Barry for quorum.

Minutes were read for February meeting. Motion made by Tom, seconded by Linda. A revision is to be made to those notes that Harriet gave each member present 1 ½ hours of training time. Minutes approved.

Public hearing was held in regard to the Hudson subdivision discussed at our last meeting. Nobody was present except for Kathy Hudson and Mike Karlsen. Tom moved to approve the subdivision per the recommendation of the Seneca County Planning Board resolution 5-17. Barry seconded – motion approved with one abstention.

Linda gave us the brochure for the Regional Local Government Workshop for the Spring 2017 session. We will decide who is going and what classes will be taken at the next meeting so we can forward the reservations to Donna.

Joan Albany sent a note to Linda that she did not have enough subdivision maps to have her own signed copy. Linda stamped and signed three more for her.

Linda again noted that all inquiries about building permits should be referred to our Zoning Code Officer, Rick McCullough.

Next meeting is April 27. Tom motioned for adjournment, Rich seconded, approved at 7:40.

Respectfully submitted,
Barry Somerville, secretary