February 26, 2015

PB Minutes 1/15/15

Draft Copy PB Minutes - 1/15/15

Meeting called to order at 7:15 – members present were Linda, Tom, Bill, Dave, Barry, and Rich Olsen.

Previous minutes were reviewed and accepted – motion made by Tom, second by Bill.

Barbara Johnston brought documents she has been working on for our zoning revisions. The first was section 312, Site Plan Review, the second on Cluster Subdivisions which will be included in the zoning code, the last is on Cluster Development which will be added as Cluster Subdivision Regulations to current Subdivision Regulations.

Our work on Site Plan Review is nearing completion. We finished discussion on 312.10 regarding Waiver of Public Hearing. We are increasing item 1 to 5,000 square feet and item 2 to 35 feet. We are also adding item 5 which deals with traffic issues. We also clarified 313.3 G – driveway width as for nonresidential uses. We also changed 313.4 B to one space per two employees.  In 313.6 Lighting, a concern was raised about adding language to shield lighting from upward glare. Section 313.10 Visual Impact will be added as well.

Barbara presented two documents on cluster subdivisions. She suggests the first of these be added to the Zoning Code to outline what is allowed in the town. Our intent is to encourage creative design in areas that may not work in a strict subdivision code. The PB will have much authoritative latitude in the development of such areas. We decided to remove parts 2-5 in section D regarding lot size and density so as not to overly restrict lot sizes in cluster developments. Barbara is going to change the language to ensure that setbacks, although not defined, do not negatively impact neighboring residences.

The last document provides regulations for cluster development that will be added to current subdivision regulations.
We did not have much time to work on this but we did remove #7 in section C regarding clubhouses, small business etc.

Barb will add these documents to Google Docs so they will be available for our review and editing. Our homework is to review these, especially the regulations section and decide what will be included in the code. Our next meeting will be 2/17/15 which is a Tuesday evening. Our goal is to finish these documents, make other revisions to the code such as the need for renewed numbering and structure changes. We are planning for a final meeting with Barbara in March.

We adjourned at 9:28, motion made by Dave, second by Bill.

Respectfully submitted,
Barry Somerville, secretary

PB Minutes 12/18/14

Draft Copy PB minutes 12/18/14
Meeting called to order at 7:10 – all members present except Dave Kidd. Rich Olsen has been added as a new member of the board.

Minutes for Nov meeting were read and approved – motion made by Bill, second by Linda.

Barry gave a brief overview of a webinar he attended on Rural Planning.

Bill noted that a copy of permits etc. granted by the Code Enforcement Officer is to be forwarded to the PB secretary.

We reviewed section III of our current zoning code which contains most of the parameters for building etc. that town people will need to use. This part of the code is being reviewed and partially revised for the depot area being rezoned.

Barbara Johnston came to the meeting at 8 pm to go over site plan review and cluster development. She showed us her progress and wanted feedback for site review plans and input as to what we would like for cluster development. We believe that having a site plan in the code will help us resolve a number of issues with special use permits. She gave us a sample copy of a site plan review containing both general and specific parameters for consideration. This would be incorporated in the code as sections 312 and 313.

As we reviewed the site plan sample questions were raised concerning the right of the PB to waive certain sections, commercial driveway widths, signage, and adding a section dealing with visual impact of the site. The PB members will review this sample and offer recommendations for the next meeting.

We spent a few minutes discussing cluster developments and may include this as a section under subdivisions. Barbara suggested that the PB have authority to require this type of development when it appears to work better with land development than a subdivision. Barbara gave us samples of such development from the towns of Ithaca, Webster, and Ghent for our review.

Bill informed the PB that he has noted some inconsistencies that should be reviewed and changed. We will attempt to include these changes at the public meeting for depot rezoning and cluster development additions as long as it does not slow down the process.

We will review all of the above in preparation for the next meeting with Barbara on Jan. 15. We will collaborate by using Google Docs which will make it possible to add our comments.

Meeting adjourned at 9:35 – motion by Hershey, second by Bill.

Respectfully submitted,
Barry Somerville, secretary