April 30, 2013

Approved PB Minutes 3/28/13

Approved Copy PB Minutes 3/28/13
Meeting opened at 7:08, all members were present.
Previous minutes were approved – motion by Linda M, second by Dave K, motion carried.
We first met with family members concerned with the sale of property adjacent to them on Seneca Lake. It is listed as a buildable lot which was questioned by the family. They were also concerned about how any building would affect an underground drainage pipe that borders the properties. The PB related zoning info pertinent to the lot. It seems it is not actually large enough to build a permanent structure. The issue will be referred to the code enforcement officer and town attorney.
Todd informed the board about our committee meeting with the Romulus PB committee concerning zoning issues in the Seneca Army Depot. They have similar thoughts about the possibilities of development on this land and how it may impact new tax revenues. Todd produced a map of the depot with current and possible uses for certain areas. Opening County Rd 135 and fencing one or both sides was discussed. Mr. Aronson is going to meet with the Romulus committee to devise a usage map for them. A couple more committee meetings are scheduled.
We then discussed our priorities for zoning needs over the next six months. The consensus of the board is to work immediately on designating and defining a small portion of the depot in the SE corner that NE Freight is currently using. It is our goal to geographically map this area, designate allowed uses, define what is not allowed and protect the values important to the community. Our goal is to have this accomplished by the June meeting and move it forward for a public hearing.
When this goal is accomplished we will turn our attention to completing the section on PUD’s. This should not take more than three meetings. From that point we will move on to reconsider zoning in regard to the old army depot.
For homework board members are to research zoning information that would be comparable to the depot area we would like to rezone. Some suggested towns were Geneva, Windsor, and the Corning area. Our goal is to integrate light industry, transportation, and rail enterprises without adversely impacting the conservation area of the depot.
Todd also informed the board of an upcoming educational course in May. Four members will attend.
Meeting adjourned at 9:05 – motion made by Linda, seconded by Bill.
Respectfully submitted,
Barry Somerville, secretary