June 25, 2015

PB Meeting 5/28/15

PB Meeting 5/28/15
Meeting called to order at 7:07. Members present – Tom, Linda, Bill, Dave, Barry, Rich.
Previous minutes from 5/11 reviewed and accepted – motion made by Tom, second by Bill.
We reviewed resolutions emailed by Barbara J for a public hearing to be used by the Town Board at their next meeting on June 2.
We set up a screen to review all our work on Subdivision regulations. We decided to delete all unnecessary comments such as grammatical errors, but keep all comments pertaining to changes or additions made in the actual code. These were placed in the margins for TB review.
It was suggested that we add a hyper-link for the fee schedule so the TB would be able to update or change fees in the future.
We also need to ask Barb to place Vehicle Sales back into the definitions section which was somehow deleted from the Zoning Code. This will be forwarded to Donna K. with finalized form of Subdivision Regulations to be presented to the TB.
Steps to be taken leading to public hearing and final approval by TB:
1. Barb sends Zoning Code changes to Linda in PDF form so that it cannot be modified.
2. Rich will format Subdivision Code Regulations to PDF and forward to Linda.
3. Tom made a motion for Linda to forward these documents to Donna K. for presentation and review by TB, Barry seconded, all in favor.
4. Tom and other members of the planning board will be present at the TB meeting on 6/2/15 to explain purpose of cluster development and subdivision regulations.
5. TB will call for a public hearing in July, hopefully make final decision at some point after that (July or August).
Meeting adjourned at 9:02, motion made by Dave, second by Tom.
Respectfully submitted,
Barry Somerville, secretary

June 20, 2015

Special Meeting 5/11/15

Special PB Meeting – 5/11/15

Meeting called to order at 7:05. All members present except for Dave K.

Previous meeting minutes were approved – motion made by Tom, second by Rich.

The purpose of our meeting was to review progress on zoning and subdivision code with Barbara Johnston. Minor changes or additions were discussed and incorporated into proposed code as follows:
                Art. III, Section 8 of Subdivision Code – Section 281 changed to 278 and language changes in A, Request By Subdivider or Requirement by Planning Board.
                Cluster Subdivision – 313C changed “underlying” to “applicable.”
                We need to add definition of “Cluster Subdivision” to Zoning and Subdivision Codes.
                It was also suggested that we need to add a definition for “trash” in the Zoning Code.
                Art. IV, Sect. 8 (being added to Subdivision Code) F. 1. Removed “common” from open space and moved pedestrian access to H. 2.
Barb will finalize all additions to the Zoning Code as well as update depot changes, site plan review, etc. Rich will finalize changes to Subdivision Code including addition of Cluster Subdivision as section 8 of Art. IV.
Updated docs will be provided to planning board members in word format by May 21.  They will have new titles for clear identification.    
Linda noted the following responsibilities of the people named:
·         Linda will send a note to Donna re: time on the agenda on June 2, expected public hearing, etc.  
·         Thomas will convert docs to PDF for town board after approval from the planning board on 5/28. 
·         Barbara will draft resolutions for the town board.   
·         Town clerk will make hard copy of the finalized documents for the public, as needed.  Thomas will post on the website.
·         Linda will ask Donna to contact primary stakeholders other than the community members (Seneca White Deer, FLTG, Seneca Lake Pure Waters, Finger Lakes Railway, Hillside) to make them aware of the public hearing.   
·         Linda will confirm with Donna that she will do all legal notice actions for the public hearing. 
Expectations of public hearing:
·         Barbara will give overview of the changes and additions. 
·         Planning board will answer questions, as needed.
·          Don’t expect the town board to adopt changes that night. 
·         Public hearing can be closed at the end of the meeting.  
·         After the public hearing, any changes, and adoption of the new code, we will work on the small revisions that are required on an ongoing basis.  

Timeline for approval:
·         Final review at next PB meeting May 28.
·         Presentation to Town Board June 2.
·         Posting of Public Hearing within required time frame.
·         Filing with County Planning Board within required time frame.
·         Tentative Public Hearing at TB meeting on July 7.

Motion to adjourn made by Bill second by Hershey, approved at 8:53.
Respectfully submitted,
Barry Somerville, secretary

PB Minutes 4/23/15

Draft Copy PB Minutes, 4-23-15

Meeting called to order at 7:06 pm. Members present were Linda, Tom, Bill, Dave, Rich, and Barry.

Minutes for previous meeting were read and approved – motion made by Rich, second by Dave.

Linda informed us of an email sent to her by Jeff Hogue concerning issues we need to deal with at a future date. Jeff’s concerns are as follows:
1- Structures - definition.  What are the various ways that someone might build or construct something that should be kept out of setbacks and/or need a permit.  You could still allow room for interpretation for the ZBA, but a definition would help.  If I pile every used tire I can find into a the shape (and height) of the Apollo 13 rocket, have I made a structure?
2- Permanent structure - definition.  At what point in time should a 'moveable' camper or shed placed (let's say) inches from the property line be treated as a permanent structure?  Is theoretically movable enough? 
3- note that #2  affects the travel trailer/RV section of the code.
Barbara J has been informed of our timeline leading up to a public hearing. She plans to attend our special meeting on May 11. We are still on track to finalize our work at the regular PB meeting in May and have a public hearing in June.
Rich volunteered to work on fonts and style for the Varick Subdivision Code we have been addressing.
This evening we finished reviewing and discussing this code. Changes were made in the following sections:
                Art. II, Definitions – changed definition of Town Engineer
                Art. IV, Sect 5 B – Side Lines
                                                Sect 5 F – Monuments and Lot Corners
                                                Sect 6 A, B, C
                                                Sect 7 A, B, C, D, F
                Art V, Sect 2 A – Minor Subdivision Plat, added (4).

A special meeting will be held as mentioned above on May 11. At that time we will review our progress and decide if a Public Hearing in June is feasible. We will review all items at our regular meeting on May 28 and make final preparations for the Public Hearing.

Motion to adjourn made by Dave, second by Tom – 9:25 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Barry Somerville, secretary