May 26, 2016

PB Minutes 4/28/16

Meeting called to order at 7:02 PM. Members present were Linda, Tom, Rich, Dave, Barry, and Hershey.

Rick McCullough submitted a sheet with permits issued for the month of March. He also reported that there are a few pending that need variances. He submitted a question about how to handle a neighbor complaint concerning a bothersome light glare.

Minutes for last meeting (3/24/16) were submitted by David Kidd and reviewed. Hershey motioned to accept, Rich seconded all members who were present at that meeting approved.

We were informed by Linda that the Town Board adopted the new Zoning Code for the depot at their April 5 meeting.

Sarah Haws presented a map showing a parcel of land that she and her husband Tim would like to purchase. The problem is access – 100’ frontage is necessary but not available at this time. She is going to try to resolve the problem with the seller and also approach other neighbors about possible access.

Jim Somerville and Scott Ditzell approached the board with a subdivision problem. Jim had a parcel of land approximately 65+ acres and sold the tillable portion to Bruce Mayberry in 2012. This created a subdivision sale which was done without PB approval. Jim was unaware of the requirement and his lawyer did not inform him concerning subdivision code. Scott wants to buy the remaining property, but the access lane is only 30’ and needs to be 100’ of frontage according to current code. We suggested that an additional section of 70’ be purchased from the new owner. We also said we would look into other possible resolutions to the problem.

This again brought up the issue of illegal subdivision. It seems there are numerous situations where the code is being ignored or people are unaware of it. This is a serious issue we are trying to resolve. It has been proposed that we draft a letter to the TB that they might be aware of this problem and contact personnel associated with land sales such as realtors, lawyers, county officials, etc. that anyone subdividing property in Varick must follow subdivision code regulations. The first step in forming a legal subdivision is to present a map sketch to the PB for approval to move forward. Tom is going to draft a letter for this purpose for us to review.

Meeting adjourned at 8:56 – motion made by Hershey, second by Dave. Next meeting will be May 26.

Respectfully submitted,

Barry Somerville, secretary