December 13, 2012

Approved Copy Special Meeting 12/13/12

PB Special Meeting – 12/13/12
Meeting called to order by Todd H at 5:00 pm. Members present: Phil Knapp, Bill Squires, Todd Horton, Linda Mastellar, Tom Bjorkman, Barry Somerville. Bob Hayssen and Larry Colton were also present.

The purpose of our meeting was to receive information concerning North East Freight Transfer using the old Seneca Army Depot as a freight transfer station. Material comes in by rail and ships out by truck. Access to the use area is at the SW corner of the depot in the town of Varick with access to 96a. The company needs town permission to use this area for the above purpose. However, that part of the town is in the conservation zone which does not allow such use. A special use permit cannot be granted.

Tim H met with members of NE Freight and Bob Hayssen to discuss the situation and see what we can do to accommodate the business use of this section of Varick. The company seems to be legitimate and want to operate within the parameters of the law. Rather than issue a cease and desist order the PB and TB would like to consider modifying the zoning code to make this area available for NE Freight’s needs.

It was decided that Larry C will write a letter to the company informing them of our intent not to issue a cease and desist order and that we will work on amending the code. However, this will take some time and they need to know that if they continue with infrastructure repairs and construction they may be at risk of losing their investment.

Todd is going to try to set up a meeting with members of the NE Freight, town officials, and PB to visit the site so we understand the layout of the zoning area in question. This will help us have a visual idea of what structures, roads, railway, etc are involved.

Larry C asked the board if there were any restrictions on the property at the SW corner of Rte. 96a and Yale Station Rd being used as residential property v. commercial. He told an interested buyer that they would have to prove there were no underground tanks present since it used to be an old gas station. Otherwise it could be sold for residential use.

Larry also informed us of an area variance granted at a residence on Cayuga St in Romulus to allow a new trailer to replace an old one without having to construct a concrete pad.

At our next meeting (Jan. 3) we will discuss the moratorium issue for PUD’s. We will also deal with who is to serve as interim in the absence of the Zoning Code officer.

This is Phil Knapp’s last meeting. Members of the PB thanked him for his valuable input on the board for the last five years. We appreciate his involvement and faithfulness as a member of the board.

Meeting adjourned at 6:10 pm, motion made by Tom, seconded by Phil, all approved.

Respectfully submitted,
Barry Somerville

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