October 04, 2020

Varick Planning Board August 27, 2020


Varick Planning Board

August 27, 2020

Called to order at 7:00 pm

Present: Linda Mastellar (chair), Rich Olsen (via Zoom), Frankie Long, Thomas Björkman (Secretary, via Zoom), Absent: Michele Hermann, Hershey Sensenig, one vacancy.
Guests: Annie Bachman, Neil and Lisa Olver, Sarah Abernethy.


Bachman Subdivision. Accepted a preliminary plat for a minor subdivision. The proposed lot line move transfers 1.226 acres from Lakeshore Winery (Parcel 09 - 1 - 45.1) to a residential lot (09 - 1 - 33.112) owned by LoFaro, allowing better access to the residence. No concerns were identified, all subdivision requirement appear to be met. Schedule a public hearing. Moved by Björkman, Second by Olsen, passed 4-0.

Olver subdivision. Neil and Lisa Olver. Considering buying Varick Winery and subdividing for homes. We recommended checking with County code enforcement on what can be built on the lots between the lake and the highway given the setbacks and topography. The dimensions and arrangement of the new parcels appear to be consistent with our subdivision code, though a judgement can only be made once a preliminary plat is submitted.

Cottage use question. Sarah Abernethy is considering purchasing a property on East Lake Road and operate five existing small cabins as vacation rentals. The main home would be a two-unit rental. She sought the Planning Board’s assessment of the proposal.

The board reported that cottages for rent are not a permitted use in the Lakeshore Residential district, due to congestion and neighbor-impact, therefore this use is not an option. Parking is likely to be a challenge, and is also an impact that the neighborhood is very sensitive to.

Minutes of July 23, 2020 approved. Moved by Olsen, second by Mastellar, passed 4-0.

Adjournment moved by Björkman, second by Long, passed 4-0
Adjourned 8:38 pm

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