April 22, 2021

Varick Planning Board February 25, 2021


Varick Planning Board

February 25, 2021

Present: Linda Mastellar (chair), Hershey Sensenig, Rich Olsen (via Zoom), Michele Hermann (via Zoom), Frankie Long (via Zoom), Thomas Björkman (Secretary, via Zoom), one vacancy. 

Visitors: Lauren Burling (via Zoom), Levi Stoltzfus, Tom Karlsen; Rick Willower, Annie Bachman.

Called to order 7:01 pm

Approval of minutes from January 2021.  Moved by Sensenig, Second by Long  Approved 5-0


Chair Mastellar reported that we will hear more from county clerk’s office regarding confirming that subdivisions are filed as they were approved.. No progress at Sheriff regarding their evaluation of enforceability of the proposed Noise Ordinance.

The proposal is for the subdivision Rick and Scott Willower. A subdivision approved in June 2019 is still pending. The owners have determined that they prefer not to transfer one of the parcels involved in a land swap. They would like affirmation from the Planning Board that the incomplete execution of the subdivision meets all of the requirements.

Resolution: We accepted a request for a modification to the subdivision approval from June 2019, wherein Parcel 12.11 will remain with Willower. Inasmuch as partial completion of the transaction maintains contiguous ownership and the 30-foot strip will not be extended, it is consistent with the all of the requirements we had for the original subdivision. If the applicant provides an updated map consistent with this description, it can be signed by the chair.

Moved by Long, Second by Sensenig, Approved 4-0-1

Stoltzfus subdivision. Applicants, Levi Stoltzfus and Elam Fisher, buyers. Stephen and Fannie Smoker, owners.

Resolution: We accepted a preliminary plat to subdivide Lot 14-1-07.2 into two parcels, Parcel A consisting of 42.829 acres of fields, and Parcel B of 30.185 acres with a farmstead and about 28 acres of field. The frontage and narrowest part are over 100 feet wide. We will also receive an agricultural data statement and Environmental Assessment Form. The application will need to be filed by the present owner.


Moved by Olsen, Second by Sensenig Approved 5-0

Definitions of various transient-housing uses. Annie Bachman, Chair of the Zoning Board of Appeals, raised several questions regarding definition of cottages, transient housing and related matters. For next meeting, we need to define cabins and cottages in the context of campground and trailer-camp use. Furthermore, we need to cover additional options that are becoming relevant today so that all potential residential and lodging options are covered.

Also make sure the phrasing on non-conforming uses is unambiguous, e.g. “without interruption”.


Ms. Bachman also discussed an application for a Use Variance for housing at Hillside. It will be presented to the ZBA at their March 11 meeting, but it won’t be discussed then. A public hearing will be later, likely around end of March at the Romulus firehouse.

Adjournment moved by Sensenig, second by Hermann. Passed 5-0

Adjourned at 9:15 pm


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