April 22, 2021

Varick Planning Board March 25, 2021


Varick Planning Board

March 25, 2021


Present: Linda Mastellar (chair), Rich Olsen (via Zoom), Hershey Sensenig, Frankie Long, Thomas Björkman (Secretary, via Zoom), Absent: Michele Hermann, one vacancy.
Guests: Lauren Burling, Nick Davoli

Approval of Minutes from February

Moved by Olsen, second by Sensenig, approved 5-0

Stolzfus-Fisher subdivision.

Public hearing regarding Stoltzfus-Fisher and Smoker subdivision opened at 7:17 pm.

Chair Mastellar noted that the County Planning Board had no concerns.

Public hearing closed at 7:18

Resolution: The Varick Planning Board issues final approval to subdivide Lot 14-1-07.2 into two parcels. This action divides the lot into Parcel A consisting of 42.829 acres of fields, and Parcel B of 30.185 acres with a farmstead and about 28 acres of field. The frontage and narrowest part are over 100 feet wide. The applicants are the buyers of the property, Levi Stoltzfus and Elam Fisher. 

The applicant supplied an Agricultural data statement. The board finds that there will be no impact on adjoining agricultural uses because the land use will remain  agriculture.


The board received the Short Environmental Assessment Form and declared itself the lead agency for State Environmental Quality Review. Upon review of the EAF, the board found no impact because the action will lead to no change in land use, nor creates a condition that would encourage one. The board makes a negative declaration of environmental impact.

Moved by Long, Second by Olsen. Approved 5-0

Parella lot line move. Realtor Nick Davoli appeared on behalf of the owners.

The proposal is to more move 125 x 579 (2.09 ac) to the north side of Parella’s existing lot (10-3-25.3), which fronts on East Lake Rd from Lafferty’s lot 10-3-26, which fronts on Deal Rd, leaving about 5 acres and a width of 561feet. Parella has access to Deal Rd by easement, not by deed.

Resolution: We accepted a preliminary plat for a lot-line move to take 2.09 acres from Lot 10-3-26 (Lafferty) to lot 10-3-25.3 (Parella). The frontage and narrowest part of the remaining part are 561 feet. We will also receive an Agricultural Data Statement and Environmental Assessment Form. The application will need to be filed by the both owners.

Moved by Björkman, Second by Sensenig Approved 5-0.

Noise ordinance. Sheriff Luce responded to Chair Mastellar regarding the proposed noise ordinance. He has long experience with Waterloo’s noise ordinance. It worked well and was applied all the time. He said that it was definitely enforceable, and he is in favor of the ordinance. He noted that nobody has a dB meter, even though they are quite inexpensive. He suggested that the ordinance specify a fine, with a minimum and maximum, for second offences. Björkman will present this information to the Town Board at their April 6 meeting.

Discussion of structure definitions.

We have recently had some cases where residents, or prospective residents, wanted to find out what the permissible use was for a unit, but there was ambiguity because some terms were not defined, or not defined well enough.

 We need to have good definitions for habitable structures, their subunits, the groups of inhabitants, and how they are used.

Once we have definitions that lets us clearly identify what we call all the variants we have encountered, we can begin grouping uses and what is permitted, conditional and prohibited in the various zones. The uses should follow fairly closely to what is intended in the code now; the purpose is to clarify definitions.


Moved by Sensenig, second by Long. Approved 5-0. Adjourned at 9:18

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